Best CBD Wellness Gifts For Father’s Day 2019

June 14, 2019

Father’s day is just around the corner. Sick of buying the same sort of gifts year after year? Try something unique and grab a CBD gift for your dad.

CBD is quickly becoming a go-to ingredient in everyone’s wellness routine. It has tons of benefits for our skin, hair and nails. However, it can also benefit our mental health by improving conditions like anxiety and depression.

As much as women love to indulge when it comes to wellness, it’s also something men are taking care of more often in their day-to-day. People are quickly wising up to the many health benefits of CBD and so the options of CBD products just keep on growing.

Now, not only are there great CBD wellness gifts for moms, we’ve rounded up some of the best CBD wellness gifts out there for men too. And what better excuse than Father’s day? So, for fathers that deserve a little extra TLC, let us help you pick the perfect CBD Gift for this coming Father’s Day.

Edible CBD Gifts For Father’s Day

CBD Chocolates

father's day cbd
CBD chocolates come in many different varieties

It’s hard to go wrong with chocolate gifts. CBD chocolates come in tons of shapes and size, from CBD chocolate bars to beautifully packaged high end truffles. However, these sweet treats come with the extra hit of pleasure for your body and mind.

Unlike regular cannabis edibles that contain THC, CBD chocolates deliver anxiety relief and an overall feeling of calm minus the high. Perfect for dads who just wanna kick back and snack.

CBD Popcorn

father's day cbd
One of the newest snacks on the market is CBD popcorn

Want to spend some quality time with your Dad this Father’s day? Why not catch a movie together and snack some CBD popcorn? CBD has relaxing properties which can give your dad an extra dose of chill during his favorite movie.

There are multiple delicious brands of CBD popcorn that come in a range of flavors to suit every father. Pick from cheese, caramel, sweet & salty and more.

CBD Coffee

father's day cbd
CBD coffee is the perfect morning pick-me-up

Who doesn’t love a good cup o’ joe in the morning?! Help your dad start his day right with a cup of CBD coffee. Not only is it delicious, but CBD coffee also offers a whole host of health benefits. It’s perfect for balancing out some of the stress responses that the body has when we drink a cup of coffee.

Did you know that Willy Nelson has his own brand of CBD Coffee? It could make the perfect gift for your music-loving pa.

CBD Gummies

father's day cbd
CBD gummies are one of the biggest food trends of the year

We’re all guilty of loving a sugar hit here and there. To keep your mom happy, why not get your dad some CBD gummies? This way he can justify snacking, thanks to CBD’s many health benefits…

You can purchase CBD gummies in a range of shapes, strengths and flavours. Just make sure to purchase gummies that contain full-spectrum CBD oil for maximum benefits.

CBD Grooming Gifts for Dads

CBD Hair Gel

father's day cbd
Get strong hold with beneficial compounds

If your father likes to keep his hair in check, CBD hair gel is a totally unique gift. CBD is reported to have many positive benefits for hair and nails, making it a welcome addition to hair products. It also contains tons of Omega oils and vitamins which are healthy for hair.

Try Eco Style’s Cannabis Sativa Oil Hair Gel. It’s a water based formula infused with cannabis oil, black castor oil and olive oil to deliver moisture to dry hair whilst sealing your favorite style.

CBD Beard Oil or Beard Balm

father's day cbd
CBD beard oil for full, healthy facial hair

Following on from the subject of healthy hair, it’s now more common that men also take great pride and care in their facial hair. What better way to keep your beard groomed than with a CBD-infused beard oil or balm?

CBD oil has anti-inflammatory abilities which could help ease redness after shaving. In research studies its also shown to reduce itching associated with dry skin, which can also result from shaving.

CBD Shave Gel

father's day cbd
CBD shave gel can help reduce and irritation

CBD shave gel could pair perfectly with CBD beard oil to create a luxury Father’s day gift package. It has benefits for the skin in the same way that CBD beard oil does. It suits most skin types, so can help to prevent breakouts and dry skin which can sometimes be associated with grooming products.

We love Master Wellness’ CBD infused shave gel. It also comes with skin-soothing witch hazel, eucalyptus and rosemary to calm the skin and minimise the appearance of pores.

CBD Bath Salts

father's day cbd
Bath salts to help unwind after a long day at work

They may not admit it, but from time-to-time every man loves a luxurious soak in the tub. Buy your dad some CBD Balt Salts for an extra dose of relaxation as he enjoys some me-time.

CBD is known for having anxiety-reducing effects that deliver a sense of calm. As we already mentioned, it has many benefits for a range of skin types including dry skin and acne-prone skin. Soaking in CBD can also benefit chronic pain conditions like arthritis.

So there you have it – our pick of the best CBD wellness gifts that your dad will surely love. Got more suggestions for great CBD gifts this father’s day? Let us know in the comments below!

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