A New Era in Cannabis

October 09, 2018


A New Era in Cannabis by Patricia Miller

Since 2010, the landscape of cannabis has changed. This is happening not only in Arizona and across the United States, but around the world.

When Arizona voters made their voice heard and passed the medical marijuana initiative (AMMA) into law, the industry in Arizona grew and many positive effects have since taken hold throughout the state.

The U.S. Cannabis Conference & Expo (USCC) is serving the industry by educating, engaging, and empowering the global cannabis community. The goal of the USCC’s events across the country is to help not only businesses and patients, but also clergy, medical professionals, lawmakers, educators, and law enforcement obtain the vital information needed to enlighten themselves and understand the realities, opportunities, and potential of whole plant medicine.

The USCC’s latest event took place at the Phoenix Convention Center (West Hall) this past weekend, October 5th & 6th, 2018. The expo hall was open both days for thousands upon thousands of people seeking to gain more insight into the plant.

A Conference for Serious Cannabusiness People

Want to know how to get into the cannabis industry? How to monetize a new or existing business? How to invest in the cannabis industry – or get investment for your venture? At the USCC, attendees learned all they needed to know in a highly educational and inclusive environment.

This year’s Phoenix event brought a strong business focus for those interested in the business of cannabis. The conference centralized a large area in the center of the trade show floor dedicated to speed networking for service providers, investors (and those seeking investment), cultivators, and many more sides of the industry.

As always, with all U.S. Cannabis Conference events, veterans, first responders, and teachers received free entry just by showing their I.D. The USCC was also family friendly, and no medical card was required for this non-consumption event.

A USCC full conference pass gives you total access to a plethora of educational sessions covering a myriad of topics on the business of cannabis, marketing, legal matters, and of course living a cannabis lifestyle for the medical patient.

A highlight of the event was Keynote Speaker Vivian McPeak. Vivian is the Founder of Hempfest Seattle, the world’s largest protestival that approximately a quarter of a million people attend over a 3-day period annually.

Conference-goers also had the unique opportunity to gain insight from the inimitable Tommy Chong. In his fireside chat, Chong told the story of his journey through Hollywood, prison, and his fight for life with cancer.

While the U.S. Cannabis Conference & Expo calls Phoenix home, companies from around the world were in attendance – even as far away as China. The conference sought to elevate the cannabis business and community within Arizona, with both local and larger brands such as Timeless Vapes, Copperstate Farms, Kind Concentrates, Chong’s Choice, Jupiter, Kandy Pens, Baked Bro’s, Infusion Edibles, as well as offering our all new Hemp Pavilion.

If you’re a doctor interested in learning how this versatile plant can impact your patients, or if you work with children with epilepsy or even veterans with PTSD, there is so much that you can learn from those who have walked in your footsteps. The U.S. Cannabis Conference & Expo is a unique event to learn about the plant from both a business and patient perspective.

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