7 Low-Tech Ways to Make Cannabis Part of Your Healthy Diet

July 29, 2020


7 Low-Tech Ways to Make Cannabis Part of Your Healthy Diet by Tammy Taylor

In the last few years the cannabis market has expanded dramatically.

Many marijuana products, like edibles, tinctures, and oils are being researched for their efficacy in treating various ailments.

So if you’re new to cannabis or hoping to incorporate it into more meals, here are some creative ways to work it into your diet.

Juicing Raw Marijuana Leaves                         

cannabis healthy diet recipe

Most people know the health benefits of including green juice as the first drink in the morning. Adding cannabis leaves to the juice helps give the daily doses of fiber, protein, and essential fatty acids.

A glass of fresh juice with marijuana will ensure the maximum absorption of cannabinoids.

As per MedicalJane, include 15 leaves and two buds along with your choice of vegetables like beetroot to reduce the bitterness of raw marijuana.

It is best to avoid the stems as they have hair-like structures that can harm the throat if consumed.

After blending all the components, strain the blend to get a smooth juice. Drink it in doses of 60 ml throughout the day. 

Cannabis Tea

Herbal marijuana tea is the new favorite among tea lovers. Add a few dried cannabis leaves and brew them in hot water.

Alternatively, mix other herbs to add more flavor to the tea. Drinking this herbal tea has a calming effect on the mind and body.

Heating the marijuana leaves to prepare tea won’t give a euphoria as the heat is not enough to make it psychoactive.

Like growing lemongrass or rosemary herb in the kitchen garden, you can also grow marijuana herb if the state law permits.

Using premium cannabis seeds gives a delicious outcome three to five times a season, making it perfect for first-time growers. 

Salad Dressing

cannabis healthy recipeA healthy salad includes fresh fruits and vegetables with a delicious dressing of choice.

Raw cannabis, being slightly spicy, makes an excellent salad dressing for sweet ingredients like apple, blueberries, and avocado. It can add flavor and increase the nutrient content of the meal.

You can easily make the dressing at home. It requires the following ingredients:

  • Well crushed Marijuana Parts
  • Balsamic Vinegar
  • Olive Oil
  • Honey
  • Salt

Combine all the ingredients to prepare a hot and sweet salad dressing. You’ll find there are a variety of cannabis strains to choose from, just use them wisely and enjoy their benefits.

Pills and Supplements

Consuming cannabis in the form of pills or supplements is another great option. Simply consume it orally to see effects within 45 minutes.

A recent article in Men’s Journal implied that making cannabis a part of a regular healthy diet helps improve metabolism and promotes better health in diabetics. 

Also, marijuana pills are fantastic for post-workout supplements as they may help reduce fatigue, improve muscle restoration, and keep you motivated for the next day. 


Cannabis can be a healthy option for a snack when infused with chocolate, gummies, or other baked products.

cannabis recipe healthyConsuming hemp seeds between meals can encourage weight loss too. It can curb a person’s desire to eat and prevent overeating.

It’s ideal for older adults who are at risk of increased cholesterol levels as marijuana snacks are rich in cannabinoids that may help reduce cholesterol.

One of the favorite snacks that everyone can prepare at home is a sandwich with marijuana.

Place marijuana leaves between bread slices and tomatoes, onions, cucumber, lettuce, and other vegetables.

The first time, a cannabis sandwich might taste a little weird due to its bitter-spicy flavor. Additionally, use marijuana leaves only in cold sandwiches as heating it can turn THCA into THC.

There are a wide range of marijuana snacks available, but be sure to buy from authentic retailers to get the best therapeutic benefits without any risk of side-effects.


Do you love making pancakes and bread? Then marijuana flour is going to be an exciting way to add cannabis to your diet.

It’s made by crushing hemp seeds and buds. For the benefits of THC, include some dried leaves into the marijuana flour.

This herbal flour is useful for baking bread, pancakes, and cookies. What’s more, it will last up to six months in an airtight container.

Cannabis-Infused Oil

Almost any style of cooking requires oil. Including marijuana-infused oil is another excellent way to enhance the benefits of a healthy diet.

Prepare the meals using homemade cannabis-infused oil by using the following ingredients:

  • Extra Virgin Oil (coconut or olive)
  • Freshly Ground Cannabis Seeds or Dried Leaves of Cannabis

Pour the extra virgin oil into a heavy-bottomed pan.

When it’s warm, place the ground cannabis into the oil and mix it well for a maximum of 45 minutes. Make sure to stir the mixture continuously and be sure not to boil. 

Switch off the flame and let the oil cool. When the temperature lowers, strain and shift it into a glass jar.

The shelf life of this oil is commonly more than six months.

Use this plant-based versatile oil for a variety of purposes like hair oil, skin moisturizer, arthritis, or recipes that involve oil.

When using cannabis-infused oil to the skin, dilute it by mixing it with any other skincare product before applying it on the face.


The points above are the seven best ways of including cannabis in your healthy diet. In addition to these uses, feel free to be creative and use it in different ways such as balms or creams.


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