5 Ways to Flush Out Delta 8 From Your System

June 30, 2022

5 Ways to Flush Out Delta 8 From Your System

Delta 8 products are invading the market with their benefits. They are known to have relaxation effects and might help alleviate some medical conditions or symptoms such as Parkinson's, cancer, epilepsy, stress, depression, and many more. Delta 8 products are consumed via vapes, edibles, tinctures, gummies, oils, creams, etc. 

Due to little research available, how long it takes for the body to detox delta 8 entirely is still foggy. And this substance is noticeable in a drug test. Although delta 8 doesn't have a detection level like THC, some residues can appear on a drug test. 

However, there are many ways to flush out delta 8 from your system to evade a drug test. These methods are effective, affordable, without adverse effects, and available in many stores or dispensaries. This article discusses how to cleanse your system to pass a delta 8 drug test with five available options. So, let’s have a look.

Detox Drinks 


Detox drinks are the fastest way to flush delta 8 out of your system. The method involves a drug test box that contains detox drinks that can replace delta 8 traces in the system. The method dilutes your urine with creatinine or other vitamins and minerals to hide traces before finally flushing them out. 

The process doesn't happen magically and can take longer if you buy fake products. Some detox drinks can flush your system in an hour, but the best result is after three hours. Most packs come with six tablets like the Mega Clean detox. However, during the procedure, you must avoid alcohol, drugs, or any addictive substance for at least 48 hours after taking the product. 

The detox is more effective if you're on a balanced diet or avoid unhealthy meals that can alter the detox effect. The detox requires enough water intake, which should aid urination and flushing of the system. These products are usually natural and cost-effective but take longer for effective results. The method is best for blood and urine tests.

Detox Pills 


Detox pills have a faster effect and are suitable for people with 5 to 15 days' duration before a drug test. These pills are designed to eliminate toxicity through increased metabolism. It is a natural solution to pass a drug test. The tablets are made of vitamins, minerals, and herbs, making them natural and effective in getting rid of toxins in the body. 

No artificial minerals or substances are added to the pill. The method is easy and has a 5-day and 10-day detox procedure, depending on whether you're a heavy or moderate delta 8 consumer. However, the method may take time to work on people who consume more than 2 grams of delta 8 daily. 

You can add a detox drink to boost its effectiveness. The instructions on how to use the medication are on the pamphlet inside the box. Either way, you're expected to take three pills every 4 to 5 hours until your test day. On the final day – day 10 or 5– you are expected to drink half of the detox liquid after consuming the last three. You should drink the remaining half after two hours.

Detox pills are one of the most effective ways how to cleanse your system to pass a delta 8 drug test.



Exercise is also effective in detoxing delta 8 from the body. The toxin is eliminated through sweat and increased metabolism. You can choose to do

  • Yoga, 
  • Shoulder stand pose, 
  • Sage twist pose, 
  • Aerobic activities such as swimming, running, biking, or jogging. You can also rebound on a trampoline for 20 to 30 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week.

However, it is best to consume sufficient water when exercising to rehydrate instead of energy and sugary drinks. 

Lemon Juice and Water


Lemon juice and water are considered home remedies. The remedies are also used to alleviate fitness and health-related issues. This mixture can be prepared in your kitchen, making it easy and fast to pass a drug test. However, the method may not be very effective, unlike pills and drugs, but it can flush out toxins like delta 8 from a urine sample. 

Lemon juice contains vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. Vitamin C is essential in removing toxins from the body without side effects and is in large quantities in lemon. The method is suitable for moderate delta 8 consumers preparing for a urine test. Lemon adequately diluted with water can flush the system depending on your stomach acidity level and delta 8 usages. 

Start with 500 ml of water and a tablespoon of lemon juice any time of the day. The method has no side effects but eliminates the toxicity through excess urination.  

Apple Cider Vinegar 

Apple cider used in decorating salads can also be used as a detoxifying agent for delta 8 products. The method is used worldwide for different medical treatments since it is a natural cleansing agent. The solution effectively removes delta 8 residues and other toxins from the body. Apple cider vinegar has antibacterial properties, aiding the body in eliminating toxins. 

The drink is a mixture of 8 ounces of water with 1 or 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar. The cider vinegar should be natural and unfiltered, still containing all properties. Some people may add sweeteners such as honey or maple syrup to reduce the sourness test. You should take one to two tablespoons any time of day. However, you should avoid the remedy if you're on medication or supplements.



These listed methods are the easiest ways to pass a drug test by eliminating delta 8 residues. Each process is effective on a particular test, so use the proper method for the right test. Consult your doctor before embarking on a delta 8 cleaning to be on the safe side.

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