5 Ways Organic Herbs Help Develop A Healthy Lifestyle

September 14, 2020

The past few years have seen an increase in awareness about organic farming practices and how it can create a sustainable ecology. More people are turning to organic foods to reduce the risk of exposing themselves to toxic chemicals. These chemicals are used in most conventional foods available today. 

But we forget that not just fruits and vegetables, even spices, and herbs form an innate part of the kitchen and our food habits. Introducing organic herbs to your pantry and skincare can add bold, zesty flavors. They can also introduce chemical-free ingredients to your lifestyle. They have several advantages over conventional herbs, and here are five ways in which they can influence a healthy lifestyle.

1. They Are Free Of Toxic Chemical Traces and GMOs

One of the biggest problems of using synthetic chemicals while growing herbs is that they enter the plant through the water. They form residues in the plant that gets stored in the body after consumption. These chemicals can cause premature birth, weaken immune health, cause digestive disorders. It can also hinder growth in children during the early stages of development.


Organic growing techniques reduce the dependency on chemicals during different stages of growth. Common chemicals used include fertilizers, weedicides, fungicides, and pesticides. Their levels are thoroughly monitored to reduce the traces of these elements in the food chain. 


A general rule applicable for organic herbs is that the use of natural additives is allowed. But synthetic chemicals are prohibited. It enables farmers to protect and nurture the plant using natural means. For example, they use techniques like steaming, sun-drying instead of synthetic pesticides. They also use a variety of techniques like crop rotation, green manure to strengthen the herbs. These practices reflect on the overall nutrition absorption of the organic herbs that become rich in essential minerals and vitamins to promote good health. 

2. They Have Incredible Medicinal Benefits 

One of the biggest reasons for including herbs in our everyday lifestyle is to benefit from their medicinal properties. Organic herbs introduce some compounds that have medicinal value into our system. 


For example, cannabis is a powerful herb that is rich in cannabinoids. Among the many cannabinoids are THC and CBD that are potential treatments for many ailments. They include chronic pain, anxiety, depression, inflammation, seizures. These cannabinoids bind at the sight of CB receptors present in the body to elevate endocannabinoids. They help to enhance the functioning of several organs and achieve a state of homeostasis that influences good health. Including organic cannabis into a regular diet can introduce these medicinal benefits to users. It can be used in the form of Lazarus Naturals CBD or cannabis oil, or via cannabis-infused products from top brands. The chemical-free nature of organic cannabis helps to improve the interaction between the endocannabinoid system and cannabinoids. They benefit without initiating any side effects to aid in managing physical and mental ailments. 

Similarly, herbs such as oregano, basil, bay, show antibacterial properties and are also useful for digestion. They help treat digestive ailments naturally through diet and increase nutrient absorption in the body to support a healthy lifestyle.  

3. They Strengthen The Immune System

Genetic modifications and other artificial chemicals are useful for increasing crop production. But they affect the nutritional value of the plant. The use of growth hormones, antibiotics, and other substances during the growth period affects the quality of the end product. The long-term consequences of consuming their outputs would lead to an overdose that can affect the immune system. They tend to increase sensitivity to allergens causing frequent inflammation. Thus they end up weakening the immune system functioning.

Organic herbs contain a higher composition of vitamins and minerals that support the functioning of the immune system. They increase the ability of the body to fight against foreign particles. They provide the necessary chemicals to strengthen the immune cells. These herbs do not contain any form of modified ingredients, making them sustainable and healthy for the body. One can also check CBD gummies to strengthen their immunity.

4. They Are Fresh, Preservative Free And Perfect Ingredients for Skin Care 

Including organic herbs into a regular skincare regimen can benefit your skin and hair in amazing ways. Whether you wish to prepare infused oil for massage or add the botanical extracts to your moisturizer, organic herbs can be the best choice to enhance skin and hair health and appearance.

The use of herbs in skincare helps naturally nourish the skin inside and out and eliminate toxic deposits. Common herbs such as thyme can fight acne, whereas tea tree extracts can eliminate dandruff.  These chemicals could render the skin damaged, lifeless, and prone to problems such as wrinkles, age spots. Organic herbs deliver pure and natural compounds that are safe and effective skincare ingredients.

5. They Enhance The Flavor Of Food

It is crucial to include herbs in our everyday diet to stay in good health. But most of us do not enjoy conventional herbs in our diet because of their bland taste and lack of aroma that enriches the meal.  

Whether it is your favorite pasta or salad, a fresh serving with organic herbs such as oregano makes it drool-worthy. The authentic taste and aroma are intact in the case of organic herbs and spices. These herbs are significantly more robust and filled with healthy and delicious flavors compared to many other products on the market. 

Organic herbs infuse impeccable taste even in small quantities. It means that even though they might be slightly pricey than conventional herbs, they last longer and add better taste to the food. Organic herbs such as in tea make it all the more fragrant, soothing, and appealing. 


Final Thoughts

Organic herbs are of premium quality. They constitute all the healthy compounds of the plant without any toxic chemical or metal traces. They can enrich the food with a spectrum of minerals and vitamins and offer incredible medicinal value through your regular diet. Organic herbs also make excellent ingredients in cosmetics and beauty products. They help to elevate the benefits without harming the skin. They are the perfect choice for a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

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