#113 – From Drop Zone Accident to CBD with Dale Hewett from New Phase Blends

January 14, 2020

January 14, 2020 • 59:27 minutes

#113 – From Drop Zone Accident to CBD Pain Relief With Dale Hewett of New Phase Blends

Dale Hewett suffered a serious spinal cord injury while serving on active duty in the US Army. After multiple surgeries and a completely fused cervical spine, he developed the passion to discover natural and holistic alternative remedies to some of the harshest medications on the market.

It’s this same passion for health and wellness that gave birth to New Phase Blends. Dale’s vision is to make CBD oils, supplements, and topicals more accessible to Americans — giving them the same benefits that have put Dale himself on the path to recovery and a better quality of life. 

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Vadim Fedorovsky, Host, CBD School Podcast
Dale Hewett, Founder and CEO, New Phase Blends
Seth Berg, Vice President of Business Development, New Phase Blends

Podcast Transcript


Dale  00:01

I broke my neck. I was laying on the drop zone and I was paralyzed for several minutes. It felt like forever but in reality, I don’t think it was too long and I ended up getting out of the army around eight months later. So with that came a lot of residual aches and pains. All in all, I feel pretty pretty good, you know, considering everything that happened but I’m constantly looking for things to help just the achiness and pain of my neck and everything that goes along with it. So I ran into CBD. At the time it was just hemp seed oil, which is nothing really like what we have today — the full-spectrum, broad-spectrum oils that are out there, but that led me into CBD oil. So once I found out about it and started taking it, I thought, you know, I can really step this up a notch and not only take it myself but make it so where other people can also experience the relief that I got from it.


Vadim  01:04

All right. And we are back in class. This is Vadim, the CBD professor from cbdschool.com: Your school to learn all about cannabidiol. Hey everyone, it’s Vadim, the CBD professor herefrom cbdschool.com. And we have a great podcast episode for you all today. I’m sitting down with Seth and Dale of New Phase Blends and these guys really have something unique going on. They have a patent for certain CBD blends. I want you to check out their website at newphaseblends.com. They have offered a 20% discount code just for CBD School listeners. That code is CBDSCHOOL20. And you can use that code on their website, newphaseblends.com. It’s spelt NEWPHASEBLENDS.com. That’s newphaseblends.com and the coupon code is CBDSCHOOL20. 


Now as I mentioned, these guys have these patents for these blends that they’re making. They have a blend called Go, which is a mixture of CBD and synephrine, which is used as a jitter-free focused agent. So for some of you that get the jitters from caffeine, you might want to check out this product as a pre-workout or a focusing agent because its purpose is to increase focus and concentration without the jitters that can often happen from caffeine. The other blended product I should say that they have is called Sleep and they have a patent for this which is the mixture of CBD and melatonin. So the Sleep product is great for anybody that’s looking for an extra edge with getting a great night’s sleep. So make sure to check out these products as well as their Pure CBD blend and other CBD products at newphaseblends.com and use the coupon code CBDSCHOOL20 for 20% off. Thanks for listening and all of your support. I hope you enjoy this episode of the CBD School Podcast. 


I am sitting down today for the podcast with Dale and Seth, the co-founders of New Phase Blends. And I’ve been getting to know these guys for the past month or so. And I’m excited to share their story with all of you. So welcome to the show, Dale and Seth. 


Dale  03:45

Hey, Vadim, how are you doing? 


Seth  03:47

Hi, Vadim.Thanks for having us. 


Vadim  03:48

Absolutely. So guys, where are you calling in from? 


Dale  03:51

We are in from West Palm Beach, Florida. Sunny Florida. 


Vadim  03:55

Ah, beautiful. So is that where you guys are both from originally? 


Dale  03:58

So I was born in West Palm Beach. I grew up in Fort Lauderdale, moved away for an extended period of time to Colorado, traveled the world while I was in the army, came back to West Palm Beach, and that’s kind of where I’m at today. That’s the low and quick version. 


Seth  04:13

And this is Seth. I was born and raised in Queens, New York, moved down to South Florida in 2006, was living in Miami and found my way up to West Palm Beach. Haven’t looked back since. 


Vadim  04:26

It’s much nicer to Queens, right? 


Seth  04:28

Yeah, it has its pros and its cons. Food is way better in Queens. The weather is way better down here though. I don’t miss shoveling cars out of snow. I can tell you that. 


Vadim  04:37

Yes. I don’t really like cold weather at all. So it’s why I’m living in Mexico right now and I don’t plan to have winter again but I don’t have to. Aside from skiing, I do like that. 


Dale  04:49

I got to do a lot of skiing and snowboarding in Colorado. I’m with you there. But outside of everything else that goes with winter, I’m good with South Florida. 


Spinal Cord Injury and Natural Pain Relief

Vadim  04:56

Yeah, exactly. It’s just the skiing part is all I miss. So how did you guys get into CBD? I mean, everyone usually has their own background of how they got into the space. So I always like to ask the founders of companies how they got started.


Dale  05:11

So I’ve kind of an interesting story. As I mentioned earlier, I was in the army. I was a captain at the time, doing a training exercise, an airborne mass exit exercise, where basically, you have a bunch of troopers and a C-130. And you jump with your static line shoot, you know, when you do your follow on training exercise. So I had an accident where I had a partial malfunction and I had a very hard landing and ended up basically breaking my neck. I went to the doctor, well, I mean, I can get a little deeper here. But I broke my neck. I was laying on the drop zone and I was paralyzed for several minutes. It felt like forever but in reality, I don’t think it was too long. And then I kind of just slowly regained feeling in my toes and my fingers and it worked its way back to, you know, I felt somewhat normal again. I got up, walked off the drop zone and went to the doctor and I was told I broke my neck and I had a spinal cord injury. And I basically had to have surgery immediately. So I have a complete cervical fusion now, C2 to C7. And I ended up getting out of the army around eight months later. 


So with that came a lot of residual aches and pains. All in all, I feel pretty pretty good, you know, considering everything that happened but I’m constantly looking for things to help just the achiness and pain of my neck and everything that goes along with it. So I ran into CBD. At the time it was just hemp seed oil, which is nothing really like what we have today — the full-spectrum, broad-spectrum oils that are out there, but that led me into CBD oil. So once I found out about it and started taking it, I thought, you know, I can really step this up a notch and not only take it myself but make it so where other people can also experience the relief that I got from it. And that’s the initial phases that got me into the CBD oil. 


Well, I actually founded the company, New Phase Blends, which kind of goes off of a blend of CBD oil as opposed to the traditional, just pure CBD oils that are out there. You know, I saw it coming when the Farm Bill was introduced, you’re gonna be left with 95% of companies that they’re offering more or less the same product, right? Sure, some people care about their product. I 100% agree that caring about quality control and what you give people is a necessity. Sure, some people have, you know, maybe better quality strained hemp than others. Sure, some people are going to want to make sure their facilities meet a certain standard. But at the end of the day, you’re more or less looking at the same exact oil, regardless of whom you buy it. 


So I started patenting some certain technologies and some certain things that would kind of bump CBD oil and take it to the next level with the synergistic effects that occur with other phytocannabinoids. So you have what you see today, New Phase Blends. I found stuff shortly after. And that’s the lowdown of how I got into CBD oil myself. 


Vadim  08:18

Very nice. So did you find that the CBD was — before you were making it, are there certain products that you found that worked well for your symptoms? 


Dale  08:28

Yeah. So originally, the doctors had me on all types of, you know, things like gabapentin or Neurontin, some opioids, all kinds of stuff to help with pain and with, you know, I did suffer a spinal cord injury. So other things that help with the nerve, signal strength and stuff like that. And yeah, don’t get me wrong. Those things help, but they’re horrible for you long term. And, you know, we can see exactly how in the opioid epidemic that’s happening in the United States now. So while some other things worked, it’s not a good long term strategy to address aches and pains. And when I found, you know, CBD oil, it does address — for me, it does help me a lot and I just had to find a way to get other people to the product, you know, out there. 


Blending CBD with Synephrine and Melatonin


Vadim  09:20

Exactly. And the idea behind New Phase Blends is to release products that are a blend of CBD with something. I want to make sure people check out your website and see the offerings you currently have. There’s the Go and Sleep. Can you tell us a little bit more about that? 


Seth  09:36

This is Seth. I’ll jump in on that. So the website is newphaseblends.com and we offer an absolute Pure high-quality CBD tincture, that is GMP-certified, 100% organic vegan, made in the USA, of the highest quality. So if folks are looking for just pure CBD oil, we have it there. What then differentiates us is that we have these additional blends. So we have a blend called Go. And that is CBD plus synephrine. Synephrine is a stimulant in the family that you would find in a product like Sudafed for respiratory illnesses, and it’s a common stimulant used in tropics for focus as well as pre-workouts. So the combination of low-dose CBD plus synephrine really gives a nice synergistic effect that gives energy and focus and clarity and it doesn’t have the crash, doesn’t give you the jitters like high-dose caffeine. Personally, I drink a venti iced coffee from Starbucks, and I get a little shaky. I take some CBD Go and I just have a mental clarity and a focus and I’m able to sit down and execute four to six hours worth of work behind a computer, and then go ahead and do two hours of jiu-jitsu after. 


So that’s kind of how I got into CBD. I was doing a lot of jiu-jitsu, and it’s very hard on your joints. It’s very taxing. Going to be 40 next month, so I’m no spring chicken and I was looking for some things that can help me through the rigors of jiu-jitsu. And Dale does jiu-jitsu as well and said, “Hey, why don’t you try the CBD? It has synephrine in it. It will give you a bit of energy, you’ll get the recovery benefits, you’ll get the benefits of the joint pain relief from it,” and I started using it and I basically cannot go to jiu-jitsu without taking it now. Like, it just really helps me. It helps me with energy for the two hours of jiu-jitsu, and then it helps me even in recovery. So then at night, I’ll end up taking the Sleep as well just to help me go to sleep and really get a nice, deep restful sleep and recover. And then the next day, I’m ready to go again. So it’s helped me out tremendously from that perspective. 


So when you ask about our blends and our patents, that’s one of them. So one of our blends is synephrine plus CBD. Again, synephrine is a common stimulant that’s found in pre-workouts. So it’s great for athletes and fitness-minded folks that are looking for a competitive edge when they’re going into the gym, whether it’s to hit a new PR, go longer on a run, or just recover quicker because CBD will help with that as well. And then our other patent is our Sleep product, which is high-dose CBD plus melatonin — both have proven advocacy around helping with sleep. The combination is greater than the sum of their parts. So they actually work together to create a really powerful sedative effect that acts within minutes to under an hour. I’ll grab a book, I’ll take a dose of Sleep and before I know it, my wife is pulling the book off of my chest because I’ve just passed out and I will wake up for eight hours. And it’s some of the most restful sleep I’ve ever gotten. 


So those are the two patents. And we’re really excited about that because that differentiates us in the marketplace. Everyone is selling what we have, which is our Pure product and then we have these additional blends, which no one else has on the marketplace. So we’re pretty excited about it.


Vadim  13:10

Oh, it’s beautiful. So for people out there listening, the CBD base that you use, the Pure and the other two products, is that a broad-spectrum, doesn’t have THC in it?


Seth  13:23

We use only a broad-spectrum bases for now. As the regulatory guidelines kind of straighten out some and the FDA can get involved with defining precisely broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, isolates pretty much narrowed down because it speaks for itself. It’s an isolated compound. You know, we can move into a THC component in our products. But for now, it’s simply broad-spectrum. The US Hemp Authority is doing a good job helping define some terms. They had a change to their packet on I think the 6th or 8th of November of 2019, where they actually took time to define broad-spectrum and full-spectrum, but the definitions need some more work. So until then, yeah, our bases are broad-spectrum. 


Dale  14:12

We’re considered THC free. 


Vadim  14:13

Okay. Yeah, no THC in the product.


Seth  14:17



Dale  14:18



Vadim  14:18

Okay. So people can be safe as far as using the product if they’re in the military.


Dale  14:26



Vadim  14:26

Or anything like that. They can feel comfortable with the product. 


Dale  14:30

I mean, yeah, and let’s be real. Not everyone likes the effects of THC. It’s a psychoactive substance. And a lot of people do enjoy it, which is why the medical marijuana or recreational side is becoming popular and legal slowly but surely. But there’s also a large portion of people that could benefit from the cannabis strain that just don’t want THC in it for whatever reasons. So, you know, we really appeal to people like that who want the medical benefits of cannabis, of hemp but don’t want THC.


Seth  15:03

And the psychoactive effects.


Vadim  15:04

Yeah. A lot of people are not looking for that. Actually, I think the popularity of CBD, and I’m sure you gentlemen will agree, is that it’s for a wider user base. It’s for people that are looking for something to give them benefits that they’ve heard from cannabis, but they don’t really want that psychoactive effect.


Dale  15:23

Yeah. And you think, you know, we get a lot of conversations going on Facebook in the form of educational posts and informational posts and stuff like that. And I mean, I’ve heard CBD or hemp called diet weed before. There’s almost like a stigma in the pro-THC world against it. But I just think those particular people understand just the pure scope of customers that don’t want THC in their product, you know.


Seth  15:50

But want the benefits that the phytocannabinoids provide.


Vadim  15:52

Exactly. I think it’s just a bias on some people’s parts because marijuana was illegal for so long that they over defend it in a certain way where they overcompensate like someone that’s always been bullied or something that has to overcompensate for that. But there’s just plenty of people that just are not looking for anything to do with THC. And also, if it messes up with their work or getting a job. And you know, drug tests are still a thing, especially for a lot of people in law enforcement, military, Coast Guard, firefighters, all those people are very strictly — construction workers. I mean, a lot of drug testing still goes on in those industries, whether or not people agree with the fairness of that, but it’s still going to happen.


Dale  16:38



Sourcing Quality Ingredients

Seth  16:39

Exactly. And that’s why we feel it’s so important that we lab test every single line that comes out, we make sure of that purity, we make sure that there is no THC in it for those specific customers, right? we feel that it’s paramount that we are putting out a product, and what’s on that label is what’s contained within that bottle. So all of our products come lab tested with a QR code. You can scan it, you can see exactly when the lot was made, exactly what’s in it and verify for yourself that there is no THC. And you know, it’s a little dangerous out there. Because there are a lot of smaller companies and home brewers and, you know, you go to a green market, and they’re claiming that there’s no THC in it. And there’s just no quality control there and then you end up thinking you’re taking this product that doesn’t have THC in it, and then you may or may not fail the drug test. That’s why we go above and beyond with our quality control.


Vadim  17:37

I had a question for you guys about that. Because I get asked a lot from people that visit CBD School, they’re wondering, to the companies, do you lab test the batch of CBD before it gets in the bottle? And then do you test the bottles as well?


Dale  17:52

So this is how we deal with our — you’ve heard the term from seed to sale process. You have a strain of hemp. That strain, the seeds themselves, the lot they came from, the crop they came from, has records of its content. When you grow from the seed, the farmer is responsible for providing documentation of the content of, you know, all the phytocannabinoids, like a full panel test of the crop. When the farmer turns it into biomass and sells it to the extractor, the extractor is responsible for testing the batch. When the extractor who is sometimes also the manufacturer, when they have the product in hand, they test that same batch. When we get the product, we test our end product. So the entire sequence of events that leads from a seed to your CBD oil is tracked. That’s how we handle it.


Vadim  18:52

Okay, okay. Yeah, it’s good. I think a lot of people have questions about this stuff because everybody’s doing it differently, or some people are maybe not doing it at all. A lot of brands are getting the CBD from the same source. They’re just relying on that source to do the testing. So it’s good to hear you’re taking more steps than what might be usual.


Dale  19:12

Everything has got to be tracked right now, especially in a world that doesn’t have much regulation in it. I am not personally for a whole bunch of regulation in the business world to begin with. But the current operating environment is kind of calling for a little bit to try to help, just to help kill some of the people that are not really in the CBD world to actually help people. They’re looking to take advantage of the lack of regulations. So that’s why we’re so strict right now. And, you know, we probably will continue to be until we get more guidance from higher.


Future CBD Industry Regulation


Vadim  19:45

Exactly. Where do you see the space going? I always like to ask founders where they see the space in let’s say five or 10 years.


Dale  19:52

So I think most of the initial reports on the industry from, you know, Forbes or Princeton Reviews, they all kind of agree that by 2023, 2022-2023, the CBD market will be anywhere between $18 to $24 billion worth of national revenue. I think that that is accurate. We’ve seen in one year — the Farm Bill recently, you know, had its one year anniversary — sales went from somewhere around 275 million for 2018 and the ‘19 to over 2 billion for fiscal year ‘19. That’s massive growth. And I think it’ll continue to happen. I don’t see it being regulated. Some people are talking about how CBD is going to be regulated, which doesn’t make sense to me. Because if they’re lightening up on THC across the board, which is the psychoactive substance, why in the world would you start to regulate the non-psychoactive substance? It doesn’t make sense to me.


Seth  20:53

Yes. So I agree with everything Dale said. So it’s going to be a massive and growing market. And I think a lot of that is going to be attributed to some innovation in the marketplace. Such as the patents that we’ve come to market with as well as some innovation with different strains of hemp that have higher concentrations as some of the other cannabinoids. So that’s where we think it’s going. We think it’s going to be very good for the consumer. There’s going to be a lot of diversity, there’s going to be a lot of products on the market, whether you want full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, pure, blended with some synergistic compounds, whether you want it through a tincture or capsule, a balm. I mean, it’s really going to be a consumer-driven market and the consumers are going to benefit from it dramatically. That said, I also think that there’s going to be a lot of consolidation. A lot of these mom and pop shops that are brewing some isolate in their bathtubs, they’re going to be weeded out. And that’s why we think that there is a minimum amount of regulation that is needed to at least have standards and quality control in place so that these smaller companies, if you even want to call them companies, are actually delivering a product that they are claiming that they’re putting on their bottle.


Vadim  22:16

I think that there’s a healthy amount of regulation, I think, that that should happen. And then just not not too much that we would stop people from being able to be effective entrepreneurs, but you don’t want it to be so it’s like only Charlotte’s Web.


Dale  22:32



Vadim  22:32

You know, but you also want it to be that people are getting a safe product and there’s some standards just set up. Like even right now, a problem in the marijuana space is there’s different standards from state to state. So there’s no federal standard of safety for any single product that a dispensary. California differs from Michigan, which differs from Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. I mean,l they just kind of make up their own and some states are actually better than others. Like my home state of Pennsylvania is very, very strict. So when I buy products in the dispensary, I’m very confident in what I’m buying because I know it’s super careful how they do it there. But in a state like Oregon or Washington, it’s not strict. I would be very cautious about buying products in those days just from what I’ve read. So there needs to be some kind of across the board rules, just like any other supplement, like a fish oil or anything else. You know, there’s certain brands that are very carefully monitored and you feel safe buying them and then there’s other ones that you just kind of stay away from.


Seth  23:38

Absolutely. And that’s the approach we’re taking. We’re erring on the side of quality control in anticipation of sensible regulations coming down the pike, and being one of those companies that is already adhering to it and not having to make major changes, pulling products off the shelves and so forth because we decided that we were going to underestimate what the federal government is going to roll out with regards to regulation. So everything that we do is GMP-certified, which is essentially the highest standard in the industry now. And we feel that we are poised and positioned for any regulations to come down the pike, that we are going to meet or exceed those standards.


Vadim  24:22

That’s great. So where does the hemp come from that you’re using? Where is it growing?


Dale  24:26

It comes from a few different sources. One of them is the US. Another one is an international place in Europe, where they have a hemp factory that they’re trying to get bigger, but it’s kind of a mixture of those two different spots right now.


Vadim  24:40

Is it all one strain or different high CBD strains?


Dale  24:42

They’re all high CBD strains right now. The thing that I also forecast happening is, right now, CBD is a very big topic, obviously, but what I don’t think is going to stay around for too long is the talks not going to be about CBD, it’s also going to be about these other phytocannabinoids that we’re finding out about, like CBG, CBN, you know, and the other ones that are out there. Because the more we can find out about those and isolate them and do research on them, the more we’re able to find out about the effects on their body. While CBD might be good for sleep. CBG is also very good for sleep. THC Delta-9 is what we’re all familiar with for basically the psychoactive effects of it. But you have another phytocannabinoid called THCV as in Victor that is actually an insane energy promoter. It promotes a lot of energy along with the psychoactive effect. 


So yes, they’re high CBD strains for now. But we’re already starting to see a lot of hemp farmers start to specialize different strains that are CBG/CBN heavy. You know, we don’t want to identify only as a CBD brand. Because as these phytocannabinoids are developed, we’re definitely going to take advantage of what they offer the human body.


Vadim  26:01

I’m really excited about CBN, actually. I’m glad you mentioned that because a lot of people don’t know, it’s what happens when THC oxidizes. Like if you let it sit around, like if you let marijuana sit, you get CBN, the THC starts to turn into CBN over time as it ages. I think it’s from oxidation, at least. I’m not the best person on that. But CBN has a lot of potential for sleep, from what I understand. It’s very good for that. So I think there can be great potential products from that and the other cannabinoids that you mentioned. 


Patenting CBD Products


And a couple times you guys have mentioned your patents. So what’s interesting for the people listening at home is that you guys actually have these patents that no one else has. So can you tell us a bit about that? Because that kind of blew my mind when I first met you, Dale, when you were telling me about your patents.


Dale  26:48

So like I was telling you to begin with, when I knew I wanted to get into CBD to help people, I also knew that there were going to be a lot of people, basically a bunch of marketing companies that are selling the same exact thing. Whoever’s better at marketing is going to win. So I came up with the idea to patent the blend of phytocannabinoids with melatonin and phytocannabinoids with synephrine. 


Without getting into the length of the patent itself, there is a synergistic effect that occurs with — we’ll use melatonin, for example. In the body, we have an endocannabinoid system with CB1 and CB2 receptors. The activity of CBD and melatonin, they are complementary, even though they’re regulated by different portions of the brain. Melatonin tells our body it’s time to fall asleep at night, right? And it’s actually promoted by darkness, believe it or not. And CBD alerts your brain to recruit the right neurotransmitters to fall asleep. So CBD can also take care of underlying conditions that lead to reduced sleep and they help give the melatonin and then your sleep a longer effect. So basically, that’s kind of, you know, the underlying gist of the patent. It’s really long and scientific and detailed, but that’s the melatonin approach right there. 


Something also interesting is the CB1 receptors of your endocannabinoid system, they are also really important, and triggering the release of melatonin, which I don’t know if some other people are aware of or not, but they work insanely well together when they’re definitely synergistic. Similar approach with synephrine, so we know that CBD in low doses, it promotes energy, right? So when you add synephrine to it, the same neurotransmitters that are responsible for processing all of the synephrine and all of the CBD, it just creates a synergistic effect that is undeniable,


Seth  28:54

Which creates energy, focus. And again, not like your typical caffeine or five-hour energy drink, you’re not going to get that same kind of buzzing, jittery kind of feeling. I personally cannot take those but the Go blend that we have, it gives you this almost mental clarity type of a feeling where you’re able to just focus well and have energy, get rid of any kind of grogginess without any of that jitteriness, heart palpitations that you may feel from high caffeinated beverages.


Vadim  29:27

Yeah, I’m really excited to try that. I can’t wait to try your product because personally, I like products that can give me an edge and focus and concentration. Would you say it kind of, like, a nootropic?


Dale  29:39

Yes. Synephrine is found in nootropics. 


Vadim  29:27



Dale  29:44

So basically, instead of rushing out the gate to get the same CBD oil that everyone else was going to try to sell and just white label it and put my own label on it, I spent a lot of time getting these patents squared away first. So what I lost out on was the Initial rush — which we’re still experiencing anyway — of the new CBD world. But I thought it’s very, very much worth it to get something squared away, get the intellectual property good to go, to have just a truly different product that’s even more effective. That’s what its job is.


Vadim  30:18

Is that part of your business as New Phase Blends or is that a different business, the patents specifically?


Dale  30:24

No, it’s all done through New Phase Blends.


Vadim  30:28

All right, everyone, I hope you are enjoying learning about Dale and Seth from New Phase Blends as much as I am. Make sure after you’re done listening to the show you visit newphaseblends.com and use the coupon code CBDSCHOOL20 for 20% off any of their fine formulated CBD blends. That’s newphaseblends.com. It’s NEWPHASEBLENDS.com, newphaseblends.com, and use the coupon code CBDSCHOOL20 for 20% of any of their blended CBD or Pure products. Thanks for listening and enjoy the rest of the show. 


What are your plans for the future? Are you going to be releasing new blends like other blends with CBD and other other components?


Dale  31:22

Yeah. So I’m big into product development. So as we continue to grow, there will definitely be more blends out there. It takes quite a bit of scientific research to make sure a) you’re offering a healthy product to people and b) you’re offering an actual and effective product to people. So it does take time but it’s worth in the long run to make sure that the R&D is done deliberately and, you know, safe and everyone benefits from it.


Vadim  31:49

Well, I think you’re doing the right approach with just not rushing to make a ton of different products. In addition to the tinctures, though, you do have a topical, is that correct?


New Phase CBD Topicals

Vadim  31:49

Well, I think you’re doing the right approach with just not rushing to make a ton of different products. In addition to the tinctures, though, you do have a topical, is that correct?

Dale  31:59

Yeah, we have a topical. it goes really good with the ingestible, sublingual tinctures that we have. The topicals are actually a full-spectrum, which has 0.3% or less THC by dry weight. And it goes really well with the tinctures, though. So some people want to, you know, really address joint pain and their fingers or elbows or knees or toes, especially the elderly consumer. So we try to offer them something that can give them a transdermal approach in addition to the ingestible approach.

Vadim  32:32

When you say it goes well, do you mean like taking both at the same time a little bit of each?

Dale  32:37

Yeah, exactly. So while you’re waiting for the tincture to maybe take place, which is different from person to person, you’re having absorption through the dermal layer as well. So you’re getting — you’re hitting it from multiple angles, whatever your issue may happen to be. 

Seth  32:54

There is also some appeal to some people that want the pain benefits for a specific localized area that may not necessarily want CBD that goes into their body and affects their entire cannabinoid system. Because CBD just in it by itself has some sedating effects, some folks may not want that, some folks also may still be dubious or hypersensitive about drug testing. Even though they are THC free, they just are not willing to at this point ingest CBD but putting it onto their joints helps tremendously from a pain standpoint, but there is less than a 5% absorption rate within the bloodstream. You’re getting the CBD pain benefits to the area of concern without any type of absorption into the bloodstream through your liver and so forth. So there are benefits to using both together or independently of one another.

Vadim  33:56

I think some people just don’t want to take something too, but they’re okay with rubbing something on. You know, it’s different. It’s on the outside.

Seth  34:04

Correct. And it’s really about options in the consumer. We’re first and foremost thinking of the consumer as consumers ourselves, as users of these products ourselves. We’re putting ourselves in the mindset of the consumer and trying to give them options. Options are always a good thing. So we know the efficacy of CBD and these various phytocannabinoids so we want to be able to present that in as many options as possible for people of varying tastes — the one ingested via capsule, via tincture, rubbing on their skin, what have you.

Vadim  34:39

That’s great. I think that’s the right way to do it. Because just everyone has different preferences. And some people have also — I don’t know if you’ve come across this — but for some reason, when they take CBD, it does nothing for them, but when they rub it on, they feel an effect. And I’ve seen people who it’s like a godsend where it changes their life and I’ve seen people where it does nothing for them at all and no matter what they do, and they just need to look for something else. And that’s why it’s a matter of experimenting and finding what works for each and every person.

Seth  35:09

Absolutely. And that’s typical with anything that you’re going to adjust. I mean, that really comes down to your body, how you’re metabolize different compounds, how your body is able to utilize them, the receptors, the CB1 and 2 receptors, how sensitive are there, are there other compounds floating around in your body that are taking up those receptors and pushing out the CBD and not making those receptors available to the CBD for uptake. So there’s a lot of factors that go into why someone may or may not experience the benefits but that goes the same way with — that’s why there’s Tylenol, there’s Advil, there’s Aleve. There’s multiple medications on the market that address the same issues for aches and pains and headaches, right? Some work better than others for certain people. And that’s just the same thing when it comes to phytocannabinoids and the different ways in which you can take those products.

Vadim  36:03

Exactly. I didn’t ask you guys yet. I should have earlier. How did you two meet and link up? What’s your story together?

Seth  36:11

So we like to roll around and try and choke each other. We met in jiu-jitsu. So we’re both big into Brazilian jiu-jitsu and came from very different backgrounds. But anyone that is even moderately familiar with jiu-jitsu knows that there’s just a commonality and a brotherhood, there is sisterhood, because there’s a lot of women that are into it as well. It’s just a really great place to get together. And we all have this common interest. And from there, you build these lasting bonds and relationships. I mean, you’re basically going into combat four or five times a week with these people and you just develop that most respect for each other. And Dale and I met at jiu-jitsu. We’re both professionals. And when he approached me and I started utilizing the CBD, I recognized that he had these patents, I was like, amen, I want to be a part of this. What you’re doing is differentiating yourself in the marketplace. I think you have amazing products. It’s working tremendously for me. I have a certain set of skill sets that I could bring to the table and I’d love to be a part of this growing company. And we talked it out. And we are now up and running and really working well together as a team.

Vadim  37:30

That’s very cool. It’s a great place to meet. I’ve done a little bit of it. I’m not experienced, but I’ve done a little jiu-jitsu and I enjoyed it.

Seth  37:38

It’s one of those things that you either love it or you hate it. So it weeds people out pretty quickly if you’re at an academy where you’re actually doing what’s called, you know, live rolling, which is essentially, you’re fighting for six minutes at a time without punching and kicking. People down, you’re trying to choke them, you’re trying to make them tap by applying pressure to their joints. And you know, that’s not for everyone. You know, you walk out of there and you feel like a sponge that was wrung out. I mean, I walk out of there drenched, I walk out, my wife thinks I’m an absolute whack job because every single night I’m moaning in my bed and I’m like, “Ah, someone got me in some and my arm is killing me.” And she’s like, “I don’t understand why you do it.” And unless you do it and you’re really into it, you don’t really understand it. 

And that I think is why Dale and I get along so well because the people that actually stick with it and find enjoyment in discomfort because it is an uncomfortable feeling. You will feel pain. It is not something that you go into and you just throw some shadowboxing or you hit a bag. No, you are going against a person that could weigh 140 pounds or someone who’s 6’7” and 350 pounds. And that’s not an exaggeration. We have an ex-NFL lineman who we go full on with multiple times a week. And then we have guys that are 140 pounds that are amazingly strong and nimble and fast and wiry and you just get the full gamut of people in there and it’s just a unifier for the people that stick around. Because like I said, you have to be comfortable being uncomfortable. And  I think that’s where the commonality is, the foundation of Dale and I’s relationship and it’s kind of grown from there.

Vadim  39:36

Now I can totally see that. And it’s a great place to meet a lifelong partner and friend. I did it in a place called Easton in Colorado. You haven’t heard of that?

Dale  39:47

No. Where in Colorado? 

Vadim  39:49

In Boulder. 

Dale  39:50

Boulder, no, never heard of Easton. It’s a lot more popular now, you know, ju-jitsu. There are different ones popping up all over the place. But yeah, Colorado is actually becoming quite a big ju-jitsu scene.

Vadim  40:02

I was living there briefly. That’s what I would go just while I was living in Boulder for work. I would just go a few times a week and just to see what it was like. I’ve always been a fan of Joe Rogan, his podcast, and he’s always talking about it. So I just wanted to try it. And it’s something I think I would do again in the future. I definitely enjoyed it.

Dale  40:22

Yeah, I like jiu-jitsu. I like Colorado. So you’re familiar with the Flatirons then and that whole area?

Vadim  40:27

Yeah, exactly. 

Dale  40:29

I miss Colorado a lot. I love Colorado.

Vadim  40:32

It’s a beautiful state. I still prefer the warm weather just to visit the mountains and go skiing instead of living there, but it’s a very nice state with friendly people. And I guess where you are there in Florida, the hemp laws are getting much better and better, right? Every year I think now there’s hemp growing and there must be facilities for extraction and things like that opening up, and you’ve got some major brands there like Green Roads? 

Dale  41:01


Vadim  41:01

No, who else? I don’t know where Green Roads is. I thought they were in Miami, but I’m not sure where they are.

Dale  41:06

They’re in South Florida somewhere. You know, basically, we try to do what I think a lot of other companies do and pay attention to their state departments hoping the FDA will push a little bit of guidelines out but the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, they have a Florida hemp department. And you know, you just have to constantly watch and listen. And you know, check out the FDACS web page, sign up for anything, you can, make sure the legal team’s privy to everything. And it’s a growing experience. You know, there’s a reason why venture capitalists aren’t really full into the CBD world yet and it’s because it’s still growing, you know.

Venture Capital and the CBD Industry

Vadim  41:50

I wanted to ask you about that. Thank you for the reminder, actually. What do you think about the VC scene in this space at all? I mean, I remember we talked about it before. And a lot of the people that listen to the show are entrepreneurs or they want to get into the space, and they’re kind of on the fence. So what do you think about the VC scene in this space? I’m sure you have some wise words to say about that. 

Dale  42:12

I think that people are basically waiting and eagerly watching. There’s definitely some venture capitalists that are already involved. But if you’re going to throw down a large portion of money, and an acquisition of a company or in the starting of a company, dealing with a very wavy and an uncertain future as far as regulation is concerned, it’s a huge turnoff. So I think there’s a lot of waiting and watching going on, and I bet you by the end of this year, we’ll start to see a huge increase in the VC world. 

Vadim  42:46

Yeah, yeah, it seems like they’re waiting for the same thing that you are waiting for — just more regulation clarity.

Dale  42:56

There’s definitely, you know, with risk comes reward, the same is true for people that are able to get in early, you know, now, maybe last year, maybe within even the next year wouldn’t be too late by any means but the earlier you can get in and you’re able to navigate everything that’s going on, the bigger the reward for sure.

Vadim  43:14

I agree. I’ve been doing this since 2016. And I’ve just seen it grow from nobody knowing about it to just everybody has heard of CBD and has either tried it or know someone that has tried it or has some interest in trying it.

Seth  43:31

I was blown away when I was in a Bed Bath & Beyond and right at the checkout where they herd you like sheep and right there on the rack is one of those impulse buy items was CBD tinctures. I was blown away by that. I’m like, Bed Bath & Beyond is selling CBD now. We’ve officially gone mainstream. 

Vadim  43:51

What do you think about that? I mean, you can get it at gas stations, you can get it at Bed Bath & Beyond, you can get it at Walmart in some cases. Where do you think the quality is going to go? I think personally, it’s going to be brands like you guys that stand out when you’re doing something unique with the product. So you can buy butter at any store, but I only buy Kerrygold stuff.  I like to get really good stuff, you know, when I buy butter. That’s one example. But you know, I think there’s going to be a focus on quality and that’s going to differentiate people.

Seth  44:24

So I think it’s a good thing, right? I think the more mainstream CBD is, the better it is for the consumer, the better it is for all of the companies that are in there. Because what’s going to happen is someone’s going to who may never have thought of CBD, twice see it in Bed Bath & Beyond, pick it up, may see some benefits. And to answer your specific questions, what I’m seeing in a lot of these retailers, they’re still trying to figure it out. They’re offering it at these very low-dose, extremely expensive for the amount of CBD you’re getting for the price because no one really knows what it’s worth. And if you’re not necessarily an educated consumer when you’re on line from Bed Bath & Beyond, right? But what that’s going to do is that’s going to make it more mainstream, make it more acceptable. And then the savvy buyers and the savvy consumers are going to start looking, what are the better brands out there? What are the actual benefits? What are the companies that are innovating? And that’s where I think companies like New Phase Blends are going to start to stand out and shine and build that relationship, that trust and that brand recognition with the consumer because we are going to be offering a high quality product, exclusive blends at an affordable price.

Future CBD Product Research at New Phase

Vadim  45:43

Yes, that’s what people are looking for. And I think that’s great you’re doing that. Are you researching any other blends right now that you can tell us about?

Dale  45:53

So I really would like to get into a blend that — when I have started some research on a blend, like a social blend that someone would take when they go out at night maybe or if they’re having any type of social anxiety or they just want something, you know, for literally any social reason. The other one is kind of more of a — we don’t have names for them yet, but the other one is more or less like a chill one to take to chill out that’s not like Sleep or it’s going to knock you out but it’s not quite like just plain CBD oil either. It’s something that could serve the effect that maybe a Xanax would give or something like that where it’s not going to make you go to sleep, but it will address anxiety issues very efficiently.

Seth  46:41

Yeah, we may call it something like Mellow Yellow or something like that. We’re not sure yet. We have some exciting stuff coming down the pike.

Vadim  46:48

That’s fantastic. I think a social blend would be great. I mean, it’s a major thing for people who just otherwise don’t experience anxiety, but they just need something a little bit just to maybe get them through. I know, I certainly have been in that situation where I’m confident in every aspect of my life, but sometimes you just need a little help in a social situation.

Seth  47:07

You know, you have a few beers and all of a sudden the conversation starts to flow. So we were trying to replicate that same effect without the negative downside of calories and alcohol consumption, right? So you get the positive benefits of CBD and you also get the positive benefits of that social lubricant that just makes conversations flow and you’re just a little, you know, you’re in like a sweet spot, that little zone you can sometimes find yourself in with a few drinks. 

Vadim  46:48

Yeah. Where you’re not intoxicated, but you feel comfortable in your environment. 

Seth  47:43

Absolutely, absolutely. We wish we could get into more specifics. But these are things that are under development. And once we have our patents squared away on those, we would love to come back on and talk to you about those additional blends in greater detail.

Recommendations for First-time CBD Users

Vadim  47:57

Absolutely. But for right now, if someone is — you know, most people listening, this is going to be their first introduction to New Phase Blends, how would you recommend they start? What product do you think that they should start with?

Seth  48:07

Personally, I think that if you’re brand new to CBD in general, and you’re looking to try it out, you would want to go with the Pure just to see. It’s pure, high-quality CBD and you can take it and you can see the effects that it has on you. It’s not going to give you euphoria. It’s not going to make you high like THC, but it can mellow you out and it can help alleviate some pain. But then it really is dependent upon what you’re trying to take CBD for. Are you trying to take it to help you sleep, address anxiety, address pain? Depending on that is really going to dictate what products you go for. 

Personally, my favorite in our line is the Sleep product. I think way too much at night. I’m on my devices or reading a book and I find it incredibly hard for me to fall asleep. And since I’ve been taking the high-dose CBD mixed with the melatonin, that blend, it’s really helped me out a lot. And you know, when you think of the alternatives and you think about these addictive medications that the doctors write and hand out like their candy, that you have to keep taking more and more and more with diminishing returns, and then you look at natural plants mixed with another natural compound (melatonin) that has essentially no downside on it, no side effects, my personal position is before you start taking a pill that you know you’re going to be addicted to, that you know you’re going to be dependent on, you try something like Sleep first. 

So if you’re having trouble sleeping, if you’re an overthinker at night, Sleep is going to be your product. If you’re looking to address pain during the day and you don’t want something that’s going to make you feel drowsy and you want to be alert and address pain issues, and maybe just have a little bit of a calming effect, Pure is going to be right up your alley. And then if you’re into fitness or you just want to, you know, crank out your next novel or sit down and write a thesis, or you have a paper due or you just have a lot of work on your plate, Go is a great option. So that that’s kind of how we delineate and why we came up with these three products because they really have their own niches and there is some overlap there because CBD in general has these natural benefits that help regulate mood, help regulate pain, help regulate sleep, and then we add the synergistic blends, and it only magnifies those effects. So the short answer is it really is dependent upon what you’re looking for out of the CBD experience.

Vadim  50:47

That’s great. There’s something for everybody and people might want to even grab a couple products to try both, you know, try the Go and the Sleep out. I think that’s what I would do.

Seth  50:55

Yeah, absolutely. You know, we have some bundles on our website, so folks can get a discount and try both a Go and a Sleep and see how that works for them. Take the Go during the day and Sleep at night. So there’s various options.


Single-Serving CBD


Dale  51:11

One thing we are working on to get out in the near future is the single serving sizes. You know, we recognize CBD, you know, full-spectrum hemp oil, broad-spectrum hemp oil, whatever you want to call it, is not necessarily cheap. And we’re trying to be, you know, conducive to everyone to their purchasing abilities. So we’re going to come out with these single servings here very soon that allow you to purchase, you know, single servings of Go, a single serving of Sleep. You can buy a three-pack, you know. If you know you like Go, but you aren’t sure about Sleep, buy the full size Go, try the Sleep in a single serving. So that’s going to be a little bit more friendly on the price points in the future.


Seth  51:55

Yeah. And when you think about the single servings, think about any of those energy shot drinks that you would see at a gas station, you know. It’s going to be essentially similar bottles. You buy it, shoot it back. It’s our Go, it’s a blend of CBD and Go, so you’re getting the energy effects, you’re getting the CBD effects in a single shot, and that we think is going to be an introductory to many people into CBD and its benefits.


Vadim  52:24

How much Melatonin is in the Sleep formula in each serving?


Dale  52:29

So there’s three milligrams of melatonin per serving.


Vadim  52:31

Plus how much CBD?


Dale  52:32

There’s roughly 66 milligrams per serving of CBD.


Vadim  52:38

Okay. I think I do like 1.5 every night of melatonin so people could even potentially cut that in half and do like 30 of CBD, 1.5 of melatonin if they wanted.


Dale  52:49

Yeah, we recommend one milliliter as one serving to start, which has those servings in it. But the thing is, we’ve had customers literally take 20 milligrams of melatonin per night to go to sleep. And where, it barely worked or, you know, not really. We’re talking that that’s just a testament to how strong the synergy between full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, CBD isolate, you know, whatever it is, any phytocannabinoid is, with melatonin. You know, three milligrams. And this particular gentleman, he’s blown away. And we have many other stories that range from users between 10 to 25 milligrams of melatonin at night to try to go to sleep. And they have tried individually CBD oil and melatonin and it just doesn’t work for them, but the synergy is insanely strong and insanely real between the two.


Vadim  53:47

Does the synergy help with the grogginess some people experience the next day?


Dale  53:51

Sometimes. It depends on the dose of CBD, really. So you have to find a good starting point. You know, like I said, we recommend the one milliliter of Sleep, which is 66 milligrams a serving. For some people, that’s going to be too much. 


Vadim  54:06

Yeah, it’s gonna be too much. It just depends on how much — maybe if they’ve never done it before, they might want to cut back but that’s for each person to decide.


Dale  54:12

Exactly. Like with any other thing out there, you’re gonna have to go through and figure out your own serving size.


Vadim  54:18

Yeah, I heard you said that. It could be a good problem if you can evolve and go a long way.


Seth  54:12

Correct. Personally, for me, the first night or two, in the morning, I felt a little grogginess, but now I have no grogginess, whatsoever at all. I wake up and I feel really refreshed because, you know, once my body got used to it, really, the benefit was that I had deep long sleep and I have one of those Apple watches that tracks my sleep patterns and, you know, for my own testing of the month leading up to me trying the Sleep, I look back and then for a month of using Sleep and you can see it there. I was in deeper sleep far more during the night and in REM sleep far more in the month after starting Sleep to the prior month without it. So however accurate Apple Watch is, I am not going to be attesting to their accuracy, but as far as from what it was monitoring me before to after, I was getting substantially more deeper sleep and REM sleep, and that equates to me waking up feeling far more refreshed. So that initial grogginess went away and I woke up feeling like a million bucks now. 


Dale  55:37

We have a lot of people who have — well, not a lot, but we definitely have people who are dealing with various stages of cancer who were unable to find relief for sleep issues that they had, who are now big users of our Sleep product. So it definitely works. There’s a reason why this was the first product and it’s just because of the backing of the patent, which is the synergy between melatonin and the phytocannabinoids.


Wrap-up and Contact Information


Vadim  56:05

Great. It’s great. Well, gentlemen, it was wonderful to have you on, I want to leave you with a chance to give some closing messages or anything you want people to know about New Phase and anything you want to share until we have you on again.


Dale  56:20

You know, we’ve talked a lot and said most of everything we need to say, but I would recommend, you know, check out our webpage www newphaseblends.com. We’re on Instagram; we’re on Facebook. If nothing else, just subscribe on the webpage for the discounts that we offer and the educational and informational posts and emails that we blast out. It’s valuable information. And you don’t even have to buy anything from us to subscribe to do that. Check, you know, stay tuned. Like I said, we have a lot more products coming out in the near future and we’re really excited to see where the CBD world goes and have you come along with us.


Seth  56:59

Yeah. And let’s not also forget, cbdschool.com, you guys have us up there and you’re offering a 20% discount right now. So folks can take advantage of that discount as well as supporters of this podcast. So you can check us out there and I’d definitely recommend following our newsletter. If anything, we want to leave you with, is that we are an innovative company that is looking to innovate within this industry. We are not looking to be followers. We are looking to be pioneers and leaders within this industry. We think we’ve already started to demonstrate that with some of these patents that we’ve released and some that we are currently working on as well as some of the different delivery mechanisms like the single shots that we are going to be rolling out with. So if nothing else, we are a high-quality innovative company that is poised to make a name for ourselves within this industry with a lot of options for the consumer.


Vadim  57:57

Wonderful. Thank you guys for being on. Please do stay on for a little while longer so we can banter after I stop the recording.


Dale  58:04

Okay. We’ll do.


Vadim  58:10

All right, everybody. That concludes our show for today. I hope you enjoyed learning about New Phase Blends and all of their unique formulations. Dale and Seth are two great guys and I do encourage you to visit newphaseblends.com. It’s spelled NEWPHASEBLENDS.com. Use that coupon code CBDSCHOOL20 for 20% off any of their blended or Pure CBD products. Also if you want to get in touch with Seth or Dale or both of them, just visit newphaseblends.com and fill out their contact form or look for the contact information and they will definitely want to hear from you. They are very approachable. And if you have any ideas on how you can work with them for your own CBD brand or store, I’m sure they would want to hear from you. Make sure to check out newphaseblends.com and use the coupon code CBDSCHOOL20 for any of their fine CBD products. And until next time, this is Vadim, the CBD professor from cbdschool.com, signing off. Thanks for listening. Bye for now.


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