#108 – Custom CBD Oil Kits with Roman Fedorovsky and Dr. Paul Bove

November 22, 2019

October 19, 2019 • 45:17 minutes

#108 – Personalizing CBD Oils Using Custom CBD Oil Kits with Roman Fedorovsky and Dr. Paul Bove

Show Notes

It can take quite some time, testing a lot of CBD products, to find one that brings about the desired results. With that in mind, Roman Fedorovsky and Dr. Paul Bove set about creating a CBD kit allowing customers to experiment by creating their own CBD oils by mixing CBD isolate and terpenes. We discuss how they got started and the results so far. 


  • Custom Kits for personalizing CBD Oils
  • Mixing CBD isolate with terpenes
  • Using CBD for chiropractic treatments

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Advanced Hemp Store in 4 Gay Street, Phoenixville, PA
Bove Family Chiropractic in Norristown, PA or call 610-272-6111

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Vadim Fedorovsky, Host, CBD School Podcast
Roman Fedorovsky, Owner, Advanced Hemp Store 
Dr. Paul Bove, Bove Family Chiropractic

Podcast Transcript


Vadim  00:10

All right. And we are back in class. This is Vadim, the CBD professor from cbdschool.com: Your school to learn all about cannabidiol. Hey, everyone, this is Vadim, the CBD professor here and this was a really special episode of the CBD School Podcast and abnormal one because normally the episodes I do are over Skype and I’m usually talking to a guest that’s halfway across on the other side of the world. But this episode, we recorded live in my dad’s store —  well, not live but we recorded it all together in the same room with my dad, the owner of Advanced Hemp Store in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. You can visit there. It’s on 4 Gay Street. And we also had Dr. Bove in with us who is a chiropractor in the area and he was talking about his new book. 

But I want to let you know about a special deal for the listeners of the podcast. It’s 20% off these special terpene kits at advancedhempstore.com. That’s ADVANCEDhempstore.com, advancedhempstore.com, and use the coupon code CBDSCHOOL. That’s just for the listeners of this podcast. And you can get 20% off these terpene kits. What are these terpene kits? So these are customized terpene blends. They come with the CBD oil and you can use these terpenes for whatever reason that you want. So there’s Sooth, Joy and Calm and they are formulated specially with terpenes that have shown to be successful for anxiety, depression and sleep, and you can add these terpenes in with your CBD oil. 

Now the Advanced Hemp CBD oil is unique too, and that it is a high CBG/CBD oil. It is a full-spectrum CBD oil, and you can check out that over at advancedhempstore.com. We’re going to be getting into all of that in this episode, where we’ll talk about what the terpene blends are, how the CBD oil loses terpenes when it goes through the extraction process, and also what these terpenes can potentially help people with. So make sure to check them out after you listen to the episode at advancedhempstore.com and use the coupon code CBDSCHOOL for 20% off. So enjoy the show. 

Today’s episode of the CBD School Podcast is a special one because I’m actually live with my guests. Normally, I’m doing these over Skype and in a different country than my guest but it’s a pleasure today to have my dad, Roman Fedorovsky, here and Dr. Paul Bove from Bove Family Chiropractic also here with us and we’re going to be discussing Dr. Paul’s new book as well as my dad’s Advanced Hemp products that are available at the Advanced Hemp Store where we are right now in Phoenixville, PA. So drop by if you’re near here. And actually that can bring us into how did you guys meet? Because that’s a kind of an interesting story we were talking about before. 

Paul  03:28

Well, I love your podcast, Vadim.I think the website cbdschool.com is an awesome resource for all kinds of information regarding cannabidiol. And listening to one of your podcasts, I heard that your family had a store in Phoenixville, which is a couple of towns over from where I practice and live. So I sent an email and he responded and we hooked up and I’ve been using his products and can really vouch for the quality and effectiveness of the products.

Vadim  03:54

That’s great. Yeah. So how did you first get into using CBD as part of your chiropractic practice?

Paul  04:01

Well, I started with a topical first. We’ve always been using Biofreeze or other topicals and we introduced this product and it was significantly better in terms of effectiveness of pain relief and inflammation. So I started delving deeper into the ingestibles, the oils, the tinctures and that’s what led me down the road to Roman.

Vadim  04:25

Great. And now you’re carrying the Advanced Hemp CBD extract. 

Paul  04:31

Oh yeah, absolutely. It’s a great product from seed to oil in Pennsylvania. And there’s a new product that we’re going to unveil today. I just got it Friday and started using it. I have two patients currently adding these terpenes, this proprietary blend, and it enhances the effectiveness of the oil itself. So totally unique, unlike anything I’ve used before and I have a couple of other oils in the office as well. But this is going to take off like crazy.

CBD Terpene Kits

Vadim  05:02

Yeah, so what we’re actually talking about, for the listeners here, is these new kits from Advanced Hemp, and they are terpene kits. And the deal with CBD is that most people are looking to get an entourage effect. They’re looking for a product that has more than just CBD in it because there’s enough evidence that shows that it’s more than just the CBD. It’s all about the terpenes that naturally occur in the plant as well as other cannabinoids. So people are looking for — how people shop, you know, they’re looking for products, and maybe you’ve had customers say this well, where they’re looking for that entourage effect. They’re asking questions like what other compounds are in here? Is it going to make me sleepy? Or is it going to make me, you know, some other feeling? Is it good to take when I have pain? Or is it better to take at night? So people are looking for this custom experience? And that’s what these kids are going for? Is that right?

Roman  06:01

Yeah, that’s absolutely right. Well, first of all, thank you very much for you guys being here. I really appreciate your time and effort here, Vadim and Dr. Paul, just for coming here in our store. It’s really great. Now as far as product’s concern, Vadim, you’re absolutely right. We’ve learned that actually from our customers. We have a number of repeat customers that come back and they kind of have their own wishlist and that they just wanted to understand better how we can tune the product and optimize the product for a particular condition. So that’s where ideas came from. Idea came from us talking to our customers and trying to do better and bigger things. 

So we pretty much work with a number of different researchers. And we, you know, started to optimize and to tune our tinctures and enhance them with more different terpenes that they lost during the thermal extraction process just to bring the maximum entourage effect, and not only that, but actually tune them and optimize them for a particular condition. So as of right now, it’s like a one-size-fits-all. Everybody takes CBD. No matter what they have, they take CBD. And as a result of that, they either very often spend more money for something they don’t need because they only take CBD and only judge CBD by milligrams per ml. Or they just come back and say, well, you know what, CBD doesn’t do a lot for me. And the reason, and also, you know, thought behind the process, it’s not necessarily that particular reason. It’s just because it’s not just one-size-fits-all. And the next big thing would be to optimize and tune to actually align the products with a particular medical condition to make sure that it’s actually taken for what it needs to be taken.

Vadim  07:52

So how did these work exactly? The kits. And people, if you want to check out the kits if you’re listening, you can go to advancedhempstore.com, and that’s where you can actually order them. Or if you’re local, you can always stop that Phoenixville at the store here and I’ll leave all this in the show notes. People are gonna wonder how does this work. I’m holding the terpene bottle here as well as the tincture. How would you add it if I was using it for my dose?

Roman  08:15

Well, there are two different types of kits that are available right now. One of them is we call it kind of 3-in1, and it has one tincture of our hemp oil extract, which not only has CBD, it has, you know CBG, CBDV, CBN. So it was specifically formulated to have a very rich cannabinoid profile. And also, it has three small vials of different terpenes. And those terpenes were formulated for three specific reasons: it was for pain, anxiety and sleep problems (insomnia). So they have an option to use one of those terpene profiles just for particular reasons. So if they have a problem with pain, they can take the one that’s called Soothe and mix it with hemp extract from the hemp extract tincture and that can now recreate that effect. If they have a sleep-related problem then they can take the other one. And three names for those products are Calm, Soothe and Joy. And it’s very self explanatory if you check the names so they pretty much can take either one and create the desired effect, you know, depending on their needs and their desire.

Vadim  09:42

How do they do it? How much to add and where? Into the mouth or into the…?

Roman  09:47

As a part of the kits, we’ll also provide small plastic containers and small pipettes and very detailed instructions on how to do it so they can actually take the recommended dose of tincture and mix it with the terpenes. Or if they want, you know, to mix the whole entire thing, it comes with one ml of terpene vial so they can just mix that whole thing with 30-ml tinctures that they have, and they pretty much will prepare that entire mix. But it’s not just actually the only way to do it. Either they can mix it all or they can actually mix it by small portions.

Vadim  10:31

Okay. And what would you say, Dr. Bove, are the number one reasons people are using CBD that come to you?

Paul  10:41

For me, the three conditions: Pain, insomnia, and anxiety. These are the conditions through the research that we currently have that CBD does work very well for with very little side effect profile. So I like the idea of the kits. Because usually, husband and wife, they don’t suffer from the same issues. And you can tailor. She takes this for sleep and he takes this for pain. And you can add those terpenes and those terpene profiles to treat whatever you’re dealing with. 

Vadim  11:17

Okay, yeah.

Paul  11:17

It makes it more versatile.

Vadim  11:17

What kind of feedback have you been hearing from people — either about these kits because they’re kind of new, but in general, about CBD and their results with it?

Paul  11:25

So the kit just came out last week. I had one patient tell me it works amazingly well. She struggles with sleep. And one of her testimonials is in the book. She does do very well with CBD. And so far for this actual kit in this application. I’ve gotten positive feedback already. And it’s only been one week since the introduction. CBD as a whole has been very effective. Very effective. Pain relief, sleep. It’s been doing a great job. I’m blown away at the results.

In Hemp We Trust

Vadim  11:58

So tell us more about the book. What’s the name of that? And when is it coming out? What made you want to write a book about this topic?

Paul  12:05

So it’s called In Hemp We Trust: How CBD Can Transform Your Health. And it is just that. I was first exposed to cannabis in the late ‘80s, early ‘90s when the Grateful Dead started to become popular again. And I had friends telling me hemp has been farmed for thousands of years and there’s so many utilizations, and I blew them off because I thought they just wanted to get high. I’ve already called them and said I was wrong. I was wrong. There are a lot of utilizations. In the book, I want to take the stigma away from concert grounds and back alleys and smoking to get high to absolute, legitimate, medicinal utilization. I think the book does a good job of that. It’s very thorough. It goes through dosing, recommendations, history, it goes through conditions, and I’m pretty proud of it. It’ll be out at the end of the month. And I definitely mentioned Advanced Hemp in that as well and your website as well. 

Vadim  13:13

Oh,thank you. Thank you. So I appreciate that. And assuming your patients or people that come to you have a lot of questions about how much to take, right?

Paul  13:21

Absolutely. Yeah, very common. So I follow Roman’s recommendation. For every 10 pounds of body weight, three milligrams, that’s an average. And sometimes you can start out lower at 25 milligrams and try to titrate up. But it is a little bit of a guessing game.

Vadim  13:41

Yeah, yeah. Have you had feedback about that — people needing a higher dose or lower?

Paul  13:47

Sure. Absolutely. Typically, when someone has too low dose, they’re not going to get the desired effect. They’re not going to feel what they want to feel. Pain relief. I still woke up at night. And so then we have to modify, we have to say, well, did you take it an hour before bed? And you know, maybe we take a little bit more. Now with the terpene profile, you can add, you can take maybe two drops per 50 ml? Let’s try to play with that a little bit.

Vadim  14:18

Yeah, I think part of the reason for doing this terpene kit is because there’s minimal research on cannabis in general. But a lot of the research points to that these terpenes could be a huge part of the reason why people are getting relief from cannabis in general. Because it’s in the plant. It’s in the hemp or marijuana plant. That’s why people smell it. If I’m smelling these terpenes, they’re very strong smelling compounds. CBD and THC have no smell, whatsoever. They’re totally odorless. So what’s actually helping people, or they thought, is that it’s part of these terpenes and how they interact with the CBD. So this product, is it true you’re trying to add it back to how it was before the extraction?

Roman  15:00

Yeah, that’s the whole idea. And during the extraction process, you know, we’ll lose a lot of terpenes. And, as you know, the distillate and isolate has really no terpenes because it’s all gone. So the idea is just to bring it back, because the entourage effect is very well known, you know, effect in the industry. And our role is to pretty much maximize the efficiency and to bring the best entourage effect possible. The idea behind the whole thing, as I said before, we learned that from our customers. We really know very little about the formulations and effect and what actually, you know, it can be used for. And as any product development, it’s totally normal. Actually, we all start from the very basics. And now we’re going to optimize and just kind of increase the efficiency and the effect and the better use for the product. 

So that’s a normal optimization of the product. And that’s normal. And this is why we work with a lot of researchers. Because we do believe that in this particular market, research is a very important crucial part. Simply because there’s very, very little known about the product itself and we’d like to actually know more, and to bring those benefits to our customers. So this is the idea behind the whole initiative to make it more knowledgeable and not just sell products we sell, we offer intelligence to be the solution. That’s our logo.

Vadim  16:31

And it’s true this hemp tincture itself — without terpenes, but the tincture itself has a bit of a uniqueness? And I’ve haven’t seen this type of CBG in other products as well as CBDV and CBN. Is that right?

Roman  16:45

That’s absolutely right and actually it’s not a coincidence. It’s been done specifically to bring the CBG component and other kinds of cannabinoids in the total mix. So we were looking for particular strains, we were looking for a particular way to extract and formulate. So as I said, this is not a coincidence. It’s specifically more formulated and extracted just to bring not just CBD, but also the other cannabinoids. In particular, the CBG is extremely important to what we try to accomplish according to our research partners.

Vadim  17:19

is the product of full-spectrum, so it has some THC?

Roman  17:23

It has some THC, yes. it’s 0.15. So it’s half of what is allowed. But it does have.


Using CBD in Chiropractic Treatment

Vadim  17:29

Yeah. Okay. And talk about what are the common ways people are using CBD in your practice. Is the tincture probably one of the most?

Paul  17:38

Yeah. In a clinical setting, the tincture is the best. It’s gonna be the most effective. It’s not the easiest of transport or, you know, to be on the go, but it is the most effective delivery system there is. You know, sublingual gets right into the bloodstream. I’m not a fan of smoking or vaping. So I know vaping is the fastest, but I prefer to only have oxygen and air in the lungs. So outside of that, the tincture is going to be the best sublingual.

Vadim  18:10

How about the topicals, obviously?

Paul  18:12

Doing topicals, yeah, absolutely. Topicals are easy. They’re fantastic for individual joint pain problems. It’s tough when someone has a systemic condition or multiple areas of arthritic pain and change. You can’t put, you know, on a knee or shoulder or the back. You’re going to need a bath of this stuff. So instead, we switch them to an ingestible, the oil.

Vadim  18:36

Have you had any experience with people saying the topical, it’s not getting in there, like the CBD or something?

Paul  18:43

Sure. Oh, yeah, I’ve had some people. Not everything works for everyone all the time. And if something is significantly wrong, with severe arthritic joints, it’ll give some relief, but it’s never, you know, get to take everything 100% away forever. That’s not the purpose. Maybe six hours of relief. And in my opinion, that’s better than taking aspirin or Advil or Aleve or other products that carry side effects profiles, and it’s gonna offer the same thing, four to six to eight hours of relief.

Vadim  19:17

Right, right. Without the side effects. 

Paul  19:21

Yeah, sure.

Vadim  19:21

I mean, I think a lot of people are looking for a solution to not take Advil every day. 

Paul  19:27

I don’t know how people do that. And the side effects of that are pretty terrible, long term.It’s just not a good idea. But people do it all the time. I hear, “Oh, I took eight today.” I’m like, what? Eight pills? I can’t believe it. But you know, hopefully through education, through your podcast, your website, through, you know, us doing marketing, that will take them away from that, and utilize the natural products that are here that can do just as good a job without the side effects.

Vadim  19:57

Would you say most of your patients have heard of it by now?

Paul  20:01

Well, you know, it’s funny, Vadim. I just came from a township, Lower Providence Township Fall Festival, and I had the products out on my table with a beautiful location and all that. And I was surprised. I was surprised that this is Middle America. And they did not know. I was shocked at how many people did not know or were ill informed or “Oh, i’m not for that. That’s marijuana.” I was kind of shocked. I thought that people would flock to it. And instead, I had to teach and teach and teach and teach, which I don’t mind at all. But yeah, I was shocked.

Vadim  20:39

Yeah, interesting. I’m just thinking you’d say most of them have heard of it. So there’s still plenty of people that are in need of education. 

Paul  20:49

Absolutely, absolutely.

Vadim  20:52

Hey, everyone, I hope you are enjoying this episode of the CBD School Podcast. If you want to grab 20% off the Advanced Hemp terpene blends for the maximum entourage effect, head on over to advancedhempstore.com and use the coupon code CBDSCHOOL for 20% off your order. If you need help making a selection on what product is best for you, they’ve got tinctures capsules in addition to these terpene blends, you can schedule a call with one of their hemp consultants at advancedhempstore.com. You’ll find all the information there on what you need to do and make sure to use that coupon code CBDSCHOOL for 20% off and that’s just for listeners of the CBD School Podcast. Thanks for listening and enjoy the rest of the show. 

Mixing Terpenes and CBD Isolate

Can you tell us more about the research that went into the terpenes that you chose and what the formulation itself?

Roman  21:51

Yes, sure. As I mentioned before, research is a big part of our overall concept. We do believe in research and we believe that research absolutely must take place to be able to bring a better quality product and market. We currently work with a number of research partners and our own researchers to formulate, to maximize entourage effect and we call it entourage effect enhancers just to bring the product to market. We’re also in the process right now to sign on multi years, like three years sponsor research agreements with very reputable academia partners just to be able to conduct the more detailed research to learn more. And our concept is just pretty much research right now using the animal model, talking about the full blown clinical trials that’s 10 years, $10 million, which none of us can afford. So pretty much our concept is just to start with animal model research which we have older ingredients in place right now and use the animal research which will give us a very good data and much faster and, you know, the results and pretty much bring that to the market, to our customers, and continue to enhance the product to just sharing the data, collecting data and feed it back to our researchers. So it’s a kind of closed loop system which should give us, you know, over the next few years much better positioning, a better understanding of what’s actually in it and how to use it for particular conditions. 

Vadim  23:33

Okay, yeah. And the product itself, the hemp extract, can they buy it separate? Just the extract.

Roman  23:40

Well, yeah, absolutely. I mean, they can buy extract. They can buy pills. They can buy topicals. We have a number of different products, which actually contains, you know, the high-quality hemp extract. Kits are just very exciting new things for us too because it also in our opinion is not only more efficient and has some financial benefits because a number of people really do overpay for something they don’t need. Nobody tells you, I mean, that actually 50 or 100 milligrams of CBD per ml, that’s what you need. Maybe if you can mix it with certain terpenes and optimize it for a particular condition, you’ll make a with 25, 30, 40. Who knows? That way, it will last longer and you spend less money. So because there were more questions than answers, you know, it’s very possible that people overpay for something they don’t need and take it too much. They’re supposed to like, you know, there is a smarter way to do it. And that’s what we want to bring to our customers — the ability to buy it for exactly what they need, not just buy blindly and just make a knowledgeable purchase decision.

Vadim  24:48

I think it gives them control too of what they’re using it for and how it’s formulated for their needs. 

Roman  24:55


Vadim  24:55

Especially if they buy the kit. So if they buy the kit, they get all three of the terpene blends or can they buy one terpene variety plus one tincture?

Roman  25:03

Yeah, the answer is both. Well, we have individual different kits. There are two types. The one of them is 3-in-1, which they can get all three and they can play around and figure out what’s there for them. And they can share with, you know, the other people and their families too, if they have a different condition like Dr. Paul mentioned already. Or there is a way for them just to buy one tincture paired with one terpene additives. And that way, if they, for example, know that — it’s less expensive, if they know that they need it only for pain, for example, there is no point for them to buy Joy and Calm. They’ll just buy a Soothe kit, and they pretty much will get our tincture paired with what we call Soothe profile, and they get it for pain relief. And you know, for other products, the same thing. So it’s a combination of either 3-in-1 or one of it. 

Vadim  25:57

Okay, yeah. And the hemp extract itself has terpenes as well in it?

Roman  26:01

It has very little terpenes. During the process, I mean, most of them are gone. So the terpene profile is not that rich. This is the reason why we want to enhance it by artificially kind of bringing it back to where it should be.

Vadim  26:13

Yeah, I think it’s an exciting product, because I’ve not seen that ever, people selling that. There’s people selling terpenes by themselves. And that hasn’t really caught on that much. But people do buy them just for themselves. But in a pairing like this, I haven’t seen that. And I think a lot of people aren’t aware of how many terpenes are lost in the final product. Because they either don’t know how to read the lab report or they aren’t sure what to look for. But what I find interesting actually, it’s 5%, right? The maximum terpenes you’d ever have of the plant is 5%?

Roman  26:46

Yes, well, we wouldn’t recommend the 5%, the mixing ratio simply because what we’ve learned from going through the multiple terpene profiles and COAs, that is pretty much what their original plant actually had, and what we lost. So we’re not trying to kind of reinvent the wheel, we’re just trying to put back what was lost. Simply because before we will try to find the terpene-rich product, but what we’ll realize pretty quick that because of the process and because of distillation, with extraction and everything, we’re very much limited to what we can choose from as far as, you know, terpenes and cannabinoids mixed with interregional products. So we pretty much expanded our ability to bring more terpenes by mixing them into the product after the fact that they were extracted. And the reason why we want to keep another 5%, we’re trying to pretty much recreate it to what it was originally should have been if we had no loss during the process.

Vadim  27:48

Okay, okay. Dr. Paul, speaking of the book, will it be available on your website?

Paul  27:54

Yes, it’ll be available on Amazon and on my website and my office, of course. And I’m probably going to do a couple of book signings. And this is a new kind of direction for me. And I’m definitely going to try to do my best in marketing Advanced Hemp’s product. I think this is very unique. I’ve never seen it before. And I’m going to try to take it to everyone I know in my profession and all the physical therapists I know and the medical doctors and try to educate them on proper utilization and, you know, continue to grow this business. 

Drug Test Concerns with Full-Spectrum CBD

Vadim  28:30

Yeah. Do you get a lot of questions like, am I gonna have a psychoactive effect from this?

Paul  28:35

Oh, yes, absolutely. And we also get the THC, I work and I get drug tested periodically. I did some unofficial science, which will be on my website and on the Facebook page. I tested my wife with two urinalysis and a mouth swab test. She’s been taking the product for the last eight weeks every day, 50 milligrams, and all three of them came back negative. So it was funny, it’s totally unofficial. But you know, the product does comply with the law, which is less than 0.3% THC. I like that it’s full-spectrum. I like that it has everything from the plants. So yeah, there is some concern and if you’re going to have to take a drug test, well, then you don’t take the product a couple of days prior, drink lots of water and should be just fine. 

Vadim  29:28

When you tested your wife, was she taking it the whole time? Or did she stop before the test? 

Paul  29:32

No, she didn’t stop. No, not at all. She took it the night before. 

Vadim  29:38

Okay. But she was taking like normal doses or you’d say like, you know,

Paul  29:42

50 milligrams full-spectrum. 

Vadim  29:38

Okay. Yeah. People run into a problem when they have to take high doses or it’s just the way their body processes it. It is unpredictable for some people, I guess. But yeah, mostly it’s not an issue. But what you tell people is it can happen, right?

Roman  29:57

Yeah, absolutely. And it did happen. So as I said, it’s hard to predict, but also, sensitivity of those testing equipment, it’s very different. So some machine is extremely sensitive. And from what I understand, that they only know yes or no, and they don’t understand the rules, the regulations, they don’t understand what’s hemp, what’s not hemp. So it’s pretty much what there is a chance. Well, we have customers who come back and tell us really nothing happened. We came back negative. And we had a customer who just failed the test. And who knows how much CBD he took the night before but it did happen. So it’s a mix of different opinions. So when people ask us, customers ask us, our answer is it’s always possible. We don’t know. But based on what we know, it’s very unlikely because most of the people, they had no problem with that, but it did happen before. So you know, that’s at their own risk.

Paul  30:54

It’s never happened to patients of mine yet. But you put it very well, Roman. It is unlikely, but it is possible.

How to Use CBD Kits

Vadim  31:02

Yeah, of course. Okay. So again, I think you’re gonna have a lot of people asking how to use the product properly. Is there a best recommended way? Would you say, if they know they’re going to use one terpene, to add the whole thing into the tincture? 

Roman  31:18

We don’t have all the answers. And again, it’s just a new product for us. It comes with very detailed instructions on how they can use it, but we’re not really sure. And, you know, if it’s just to mix it all in one bottle would be actually the best way to use it? We shall know, we will know soon. And at this point, it’s all anecdotal. Evidence is very experimental. So there is no ever concrete answer. It’s just something that we will know as we do research and continue to use the product. This is why investment into the research component of our overall model is very important piece for us that we are fully committed,

Vadim  32:02

Okay. Still figuring out what’s the best way to use it. Okay. But how have you seen people using it so far?

Paul  32:10

So far, I’ve seen the people just mix it in a separate container.

Vadim  32:13

Okay. Some amount of the terpene plus the —

Roman  32:15

Yes. And I’ve done it too for my own purposes. It’s just you put it in a separate container and added one drop of terpene. And that’s just kind of trying to maintain that ratio no more than 5%. So there is a small pipette that comes with the kit. So you can grab as much as you want, put in the separate container, take one drop of terpenes, take two drops of terpenes, and just get a play around to figure out what’s the best mix for your particular conditions.

Vadim  32:48

And I know you’re going to have people asking. Can you put it in a vaporizer? 

Roman  32:52

Well, they do ask me all the time. First of all, well, the terpenes, yes. Our oil, our answer is always no. Simply because it can destroy the equipment. It’s a different type of product. We’re always very, you know, firm on not recommending to use that and put in a vaporizer. So our hemp extract oil is taken orally. This is just the purpose, that’s how it’s been formulated. And we think that our customers should not put it in vaporizer, but the terpenes itself, yes, it can be added.

Vadim  33:22


Roman  33:23


Vadim  33:24

Okay. Are you sure? 

Roman  33:25

Yes, yes, absolutely.

Vadim  33:26

I’m not sure about that. 

Roman  33:28

That’s what I was told from our researchers.

Vadim  33:30

Okay. Yeah, it smells a lot like vaping products. That’s why I was wondering. So lately, there’s been some health scare with the vaporizers. I’m sure you’ve heard of that, right. 

Paul  33:41

Yes, I have.

Vadim  33:42

Yeah. So have you had questions from customers about that? 

Paul  33:46

They kind of know that I’m not pro-vaping, pro-smoking anyways, and I have not fielded many questions regarding that. I do know that vaping is exploding in the youth and it does concern me. That’s definitely something to be aware of as parents, keep an eye out, pay attention.

Vadim  34:04

Yeah. The problem with the whole scandal is it’s been mostly associated with black market. 

Paul  34:12


Vadim  34:12

Vaporizer products, but also, people vaping stuff they shouldn’t, like the tincture, for example. Putting something in a vaporizer if you’re not sure about it, it’s just not a good idea. Because there’s stuff in there that’s okay to eat, but not okay to vape. And you’re not planning on doing any vaporizer products?

Roman  34:30

No, no. We actually feel very strong, and we want to kind of separate our product line from the vaping products. And, again, our product is more triggered for clinical purposes this way. We really appreciate Dr. Paul’s involvement because we love to work with clinicians and just to make sure that we distribute our products through very reliable sources for particular conditions and with a very specific law in mind just to help for the clinical conditions for medical purposes.

Vadim  35:06

Okay, yeah. 

CBD Education 

Paul  35:09

That’s also why I like Advanced Hemp and Roman. He offers a lot of education to the clinicians I’ve already exposed this to. He has the utilization of the CBD School website, which is fantastic, and helps educate the clinician to dosing and appropriateness. And I’m willing to do that as well, where we have a couple of events that we’re going to be at, you know, and talking about it in open houses and things like that to educate the staff. So it’s not just try this, mix this. It makes it much more particular for whatever the person is suffering from.

Vadim  35:48

Yeah, I think that’s a big part. People have so many choices to make. With CBD, there’s tons of brands, and they’re kind of lost as far as what makes one different from the other. And I see this as a very smart approach to giving them something to differentiate with as far as giving them control over the different terpenes and how they take them. So how about with patients coming in? Did you ever have someone say it just doesn’t do anything? 

Paul  36:13

Yeah, yeah. I’ve had just one this morning, actually. And again, I had no idea what she took, how much dosage. She just said it was a topical that she tried for cramps on her belly and headaches on her head. And again, I had no idea what it was. She said her friends say that it worked wonders. But for her, it did nothing. And again, I said, “Look, we need to look at your body weight, we need to look at an appropriate tincture that would be the right thing for you and start fresh.”

Vadim  36:42

That’s actually happened a lot. People have tried one product that they heard about from a friend and didn’t really know what they were doing. But then more deliberately tried it again and had a good experience.

Paul  36:53

I do think she’ll have a good experience. I do think it will be effective. It’s just that the product she used wasn’t effective at the dosage that she used. And if we can tailor that and clean that up, I think she’ll have great results. And again, there are people like that, and then all of a sudden they’ll start saying, “Oh, that doesn’t work for me, that didn’t work at all,” and be negative about it and hesitant to try it again. So we definitely want to prevent that through education and proper utilization.

Vadim  37:19

Yeah, I think as more medical, maybe not just chiropractors get comfortable with CBD, it’ll be better for people to have better experiences with it.

Paul  37:29

Absolutely. The neurologist I use, they’re all educated in the cannabis school. Pain management physiatrists I use, they’re great guys and they all have their cannabis licenses to prescribe this as well.

Vadim  37:45

Oh, I see. 

Paul  37:46

So, yeah. And then again, my purpose is to bring this to as many clinicians as possible.

Vadim  37:51

Do you prescribe that?

Paul  37:52

I cannot. I cannot. I am going to attend the class anyway. You know, hopefully one day, my hope really is that the state of Pennsylvania goes to recreational use. So that way, same thing just like Roman’s trying to do with CBD, you can then take it and look at dosing for actual THC, how much, how little and for what conditions. I think that’s the future of this whole CBD space and THC space, is to really do that. And some great research out of Israel where there are no restrictions. You know, they’re looking at cancer and the treatments, and it’s way better than the chemo or any of the destructive type medicine. I think this is going to be the future.

Vadim  38:36

Do you think it’ll be for specific conditions? Is that what you mean? 

Paul  38:40

Absolutely. I’m totally hoping that that’s where we go. Absolutely.

Vadim  38:43

Yeah, that’s the goal with the terpenes as well, right?

Roman  38:47

Yes, correct. Also, as far as the effectiveness of CBD, we also want to bring one more point. It’s very important to understand, you know, where you buy CBD from — a reliable and reputable source. There are plenty of very, very good companies on the market. There are plenty of companies which will bring very high quality products, but because it’s not a very much regulated process, there are some companies which really don’t have that good quality product. So I will have situations when we have customers come back or actually one particular case said, “Well, CBD doesn’t do anything for me.” But when we looked at where they got CBD from, I mean, she never actually tried CBD. So it’s actually very, very important. There are plenty of very reliable and good quality companies. But it’s important to understand where CBD’s from, and do some research and make sure it’s a quality source.

CBD From Reputable Sources

Vadim  39:43

Yeah, I think people also — how can they know? What do you think about that? 

Roman  39:48

Well, I don’t think they can know. Unfortunately, as I said, there are not much regulations. They get to judge by I guess their own experience. If they find the source of the CBD products that works for them, just stick with this particular company. Because it’s very hard — It may look good on paper, but between the time when they got that COA and actually, you know, the product got on the shelves, there are a lot of things that happened. So it might not be the same thing with what it actually looks on the paper. So I think it’s based on individual experience. If you’re lucky enough, if you’ve found something that works for you and you trust the person next to you and you find a reputable company, then stick with it and just use the product that you’ve seen the benefits work.

Vadim  40:32

Yeah. And I think also just check the lab report. And if you don’t know how to read it, call the customer service. Any brand usually will help you read through the report or help you get one if you request one.

Paul  40:43

Vadim, I would agree, I would agree. You know, that certificate from an independent lab, I mean, that’s a decent starting point. But you never truly know 100%. But I would definitely make sure at least they have that.

Roman  40:56

Yeah. And buy the product from the people or from the source that can answer your questions. You ask questions, get the answers, talk to people, buy from the sources that actually have enough knowledge to stand behind the quality of the product and answer your question. If they don’t know their own product, that’s the red flag from there right away.

Vadim  41:15

Yeah, yeah. Or won’t even bother to answer your request and that sort of thing. Because people have a lot of questions. And unfortunately, there’s not an answer for all of them yet, because it’s so new, this whole industry. There’s not a standard, there’s no regulation, and it’s not standardized in any way. So there’s all different kinds of products out there with all different kinds of formulations and amounts of CBD. And in the future. I’m sure it’ll become more of a very standardized dosage and all that when there will be more research on people. There’s very little people research, very few human trials. 

Paul  41:52

True, yeah. I would also say if you’re looking at a company, they should be able to tell you where their hemp comes from, where they source it from. Even what type of hemp should be easily described and answered. So that you know that this hemp is either from the United States, it’s from, you know, overseas, wherever. Because there are quality differences, and then what strains and what types. And again, that certificate, I mean, you kind of put those three together and you do your best and hopefully hope for the best. But I can tell you from personal experience and clinical utilization for the last six months, Advanced Hemp works very well. And yeah, I think it’s a very high-quality product.

Wrap-up and Contract Information

Vadim  42:36

Well, thank you both for being here today. I want to let the listeners know where they can find the product as well as your practice. So your website, Dr. Paul?

Paul  42:46

Yeah. It’s bovefamilychiropractic.com. 

Vadim  42:48

Okay. How many offices do you have?

Paul  42:51

I have one office and then I’m the chiropractor for a local retirement community as well. 

Vadim  42:56

Okay. But if people want to schedule they can kind of —

Paul  43:00

Oh, sure. You can call me up. You can send me an email through the website. Absolutely. My number is 610-272-6111. I’m in Norristown, Pennsylvania and we’d love to see you. I’m beyond honored. I’m blessed with a lot of patients and I’ve been in practice for over 21 years so it’s an awesome lifestyle.

Vadim  43:20

Okay, great. And then we are here actually on location at the Advanced Hemp Store. If you’re local to Phoenixville or Chester County, I think there’s some listeners in Westchester or in the Philadelphia area, please come to the Advanced Hemp Store. What’s the — ?

Roman & Paul  43:36

it’s 4 Gay Street.

Vadim  43:38

Okay. I thought it was Northgate. Yeah. So 4 Gay Street in Phoenixville, PA. And that’s advancedhempstore.com where you can order those kits online. I’ll have all the information in the show notes. But thank you both for being here. It’s a pleasure. 

Paul  43:53

Oh, thank you. 

Roman  43:53

Thank you, Vadim. It’s a pleasure.

Vadim  43:38

And we’ll do it again soon. Thank you. 

Paul  43:55

I hope so. 

Roman  43:56

Thanks a lot.

Vadim  43:38

Hey, everyone. Thanks for checking out this episode of the show. Make sure to visit our sponsor, advancedhempstore.com. That’s ADVANCEDhempstore.com and use the coupon code CBDSCHOOL for 20% off any of their fine CBD tinctures, capsules and entourage terpene kits. Now we talked about these terpene kits a lot during this episode. And I just want to remind you. You can buy them with a single terpene or you can buy the whole kit with all three terpene bottles, and they also come with instructions on how to use them and what you need to do to mix them into your CBD oil. If you still need some help, which is understandable, deciding what product is best for you, you can schedule a consultation with one of the hemp CBD consultants over at advancedhempstore.com. Make sure to use the coupon code, like I said, CBDSCHOOL gets you 20% off your order. Thank you so much for listening to the show. And until next time, this is Vadim, the CBD professor from cbdschool.com, signing off. Thanks for listening. Bye for now.


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