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$100 Coupon For ICBC Europe: ICBC Berlin, Barcelona & Zurich

March 14, 2019

The global cannabis market is expanding and the ICBC (International Cannabis Business Conference) is growing with it. We have partnered with ICBC to offer you $100 discount for the Barcelona, Berlin and Zurich events.

Starting out in Portland, Oregon, USA, in 2014, the ICBC first moved up and down the North American West Coast, with events in San Francisco, California, and Vancouver, British Columbia, USA. The first North American ICBC conferences occurred before the locales had legalized cannabis, but now, Oregon, California, and Canada have all ended prohibition and implemented cannabis commerce systems that create jobs and generate revenue. Three years ago, the ICBC held its first conference in Europe – in Berlin, Germany, the first European cannabis industry business to business event on the continent.

ICBC europe

ICBC Vancouver event 2018

ICBC Europe

The ICBC Berlin remains the largest cannabis B2B conference in Europe, with representatives from over 60 nations from around the world converging upon the EU’s economic powerhouse. While Germany hasn’t legalized cannabis yet, the country is making strides as its regulated medical system, one that has pioneered insurance coverage for medicinal cannabis, continues to grow.

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The ICBC is returning to Berlin on March 31st to April 2nd, after holding a superconference with Spannabis in Barcelona, Spain, on March 14th. While establishing itself as the preeminent networking event from investors and entrepreneurs, the conference seamlessly blends in activism and culture, making the collaboration with Spannabis a great fit.  “Feria del Cáñamo (Spannabis) has been in the cannabis sector for more than 16 years and is much more than just a fair.
The Spanish cannabis industry has more potential every day, and is taking firm steps to improve Spain’s laws. Spannabis organizers believe that the time is right to offer reliable information on the economic potential of the cannabis sector and the viability that Spain would have to become one of the key countries in Europe,” stated Carlos Yerbes Gonzalez, co-director of Spannabis.

ICBC Vancouver event 2018

After Berlin, the ICBC is teaming up with CannaTrade to create another mega-event in Zurich, Switzerland, on May 15th-16th. While the Swiss cannabis scene oftentimes flies under the radar, the nation has a long history with cannabis, and the low-THC, high-CBD market has really taken off. More than 600 companies are now part of the Swiss CBD market.

After its European tour, the ICBC will return back to North America with an event in Vancouver scheduled for September 15th-16th to check in on the first G7 nation to legalize cannabis commerce for all adults. With the momentum behind the global legalization movement, we can expect the ICBC to return to Europe year after year, likely even adding more destinations to its agenda. For tickets and info, visit:
This event will be held in the following European locations, click on the links below to get your tickets with a CBD Testers discount of $100 off! You can also enter the promo code CBDTESTERS at checkout to receive the discount.

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