10 Potential Benefits of Medical Marijuana

June 20, 2020

10 Potential Benefits of Medical  Marijuana

When you are someone who knew a lot about Cannabis, you would know that it does come in different forms. And you would know that the benefits of Cannabis is ever-growing and would probably have the potential to dominate the medical industry by its medical uses.

What is Cannabis?
For a lot of people, Cannabis is widely known as a toxin that can have dangerous effects on the brain. However, did you know that Cannabis, if extracted, and used properly can have medical benefits to different parts of the body?
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Yes, it’s true. Among the hundred compounds that can be extracted inside the Cannabis Sativa plant, one that stands out the most is what we call as Cannabidiol or also known as CBD. CBD is a compound that accounts for up to 40% of the plant’s extract.

What are the benefits of CBD?
There are actually a lot of medicinal benefits that CBD can offer. Listed below are just some that can be mentioned.

1. Relieves Chronic pains
Among 100+ compounds that can be found in cannabis, most of the compounds are cannabinoids. These cannabinoids (CBD) are known to provide relief in different chronic pains due to the chemical compounds that made them up. CBDs can now be found in some creams and balms which are usually used by people suffering from arthritis or any other body pain. Another way of using Cannabis is by extracting the oil within and using the CBD as the main oil in massaging. By this, the chemical compounds can get through the skin (without getting intoxicated) while also massaging the patient.

2. Damp anxiety
When Cannabis is taken in with the right dosage and proper prescription, Cannabis can help in alleviating anxiety and calm patients down.
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3. Improves Lung Capacity
Unlike smoking cigarettes that are full of nicotine, when somebody smokes Cannabis, the lungs are not harmed and damaged. Instead, it helps the lungs increase their capacity. This according to the research made by the CARDIA study. You can check it here. They found out that marijuana is as common as how cigarette smoking is used. Among the participants, an average person who uses marijuana can use cannabis 2-3 times a month, while the average person who uses tobacco can use a cigarette 8 times a day. Those who smoke both do use more slightly compared to the ones who smoke tobacco
or marijuana only.

4. Helps in losing weight
With all the unhealthy fast-food chains and all the junk foods that are available now, it is common to see overweight and underweight people roaming. However, these cases are not permanent and can be helped through different methods.

If you know someone who is using Cannabis, you would notice that their body size is usually not overweight. This is because cannabis aids the body in modulating insulin while managing calorie intake.

5. Prevents Diabetes
With its help in modulating insulin, it is no question that it can thoroughly help in
preventing diabetes. It can also help in stabilizing blood sugars, improve blood
circulation, and lowers the blood pressure.

6. Helps treat depression
Among other mental health problems, depression might be one of the tops. The
cannabis’ endocannabinoid compounds can help in easing the mood, thus helping to prevent depression.

7. Regulate seizures
Research that was conducted proves that CBD can help in regulating seizures. By this, a lot of research has been ongoing to determine the effects of cannabis on epileptic patients.

8. Helps in bone mending
According to the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, CBD can help in bone
mending, thus quickening the process of healing.

9. Potential treatment for Glaucoma
Glaucoma is known for its severe pain that can be felt in the eyeballs. Cannabis,
however, it can help in reducing the pressure, thus giving some temporary relief to the patient.

10. It helps in relieving tremors caused by Parkinson’s disease.
Parkinson’s disease is known for the effect it can give to a patient suffering from the disease. By the first look, you can see someone with these diseases and determine them directly, as their hand keeps on moving which creates minor tremors in the hands. Based on research made, Cannabis can help in reducing the tremors and the pain felt while also helping promote sleep. It was also noted to promote motor skills.

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