Effective Ways of Improving Quality of Life as a Senior

November 17, 2021

Effective Ways of Improving Quality of Life as a Senior

It's expected that you’ll feel like a burden to your loved ones at times in your senior years. This may often lead to depression due to the loneliness from losing a spouse, a stressful event like retirement, or losing purpose for living. Studies have shown that over 7 million people experience depression in their old age.

Improving the quality of life is important for a healthy and fulfilling life. Quantity is important, you get to spend more time with your friends and family, but quality is also as important, you need to enjoy these extra years. Being content and happy with your life is key. Research has shown that seniors with good life quality are less likely to be affected by heart attacks, strokes, and cognitive impairment.

Below are effective ways of improving quality of life as a senior: 

Regular physical activity

Regular movements among seniors however simple is very important, it helps by leaving the body feeling balanced and energetic. Physical motion also improves your health in general, it helps improve your sleeping patterns, relieves anxiety, reduces depression, prevents strokes and heart attacks, improves stamina, and lowers blood pressure.

Simple activities that seniors can do to be physically active are exercising regularly, attending yoga classes, gardening, going for walks and if you are able, a simple jog will do. 

These exercises should be calming and build an urge for more exercise. Make use of a smartwatch to monitor your activities, this way, you’ll know if you are improving or deteriorating. It's important that you get a watch band that works for your style and level of activity when investing in a smartwatch.  

Start a new hobby

Always keeping busy is important for your senior years, it reduces depression as well as anxiety levels. As a result, this helps keep your blood pressure in check. Find a new activity that will keep you engaged, it can be cooking or baking, sewing, and knitting, gardening, painting or drawing, and journaling. These hobbies can also turn into something lucrative that create a source of income. 

Eat healthy

Eating healthy goes without saying that it's an important factor for people of all ages. 

Eating healthy meals helps improve your quality of life in major ways, it improves sleep patterns, prevents chronic diseases, improves metabolism, and also prevents uncomfortable conditions like hemorrhoids. 

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Be helpful

So that you can avoid feeling like a burden to those you love, be helpful by doing simple things at home and relieving your caretakers of any extra work. These activities can include; babysitting, folding laundry, dog walking, running errands, prepping dinner, writing to-do lists, and organizing drawers. 

These activities will also help you be physically and mentally active. To help you track your daily activities, get a smartwatch with a band that is suitable for you, you'll be able to track what you do physically. It allows you to improve or slow down if you are being too fast. 

Connect with friends and family

Loneliness has been proven to cause depression and anxiety. Additionally, seniors who are isolated have a shorter lifespan and are more likely to get dementia. Studies have shown that social interactions among seniors help improve the quality of life.

Get involved in social activities like family gatherings, seminars, and parties. Join a self-help group or a hobby class. It'll help you interact with people and make new friends. Additionally, consider volunteering in church, your local community, children's home, or other charity organizations.


If you want to improve your life's quality as a senior or are looking to help a loved one, the ways above have been proven to be really effective. Remember quantity is important but without quality, it won't be worth it. Take care of yourself and strive to be happy to enjoy life in your old age.

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